Nature Unleashed…

THORPEWOODWelcome to ThorpeWood. . .     For the lovers of the Planet this Valentine’s Day!
A pristine mountain retreat. Wooded hills.


THORPEWOODThe sound of wind rustling through the trees. The babble of water flowing over rocks in the creek. Nestled in nature. Surrounded in serenity.

The perfect location for a wedding amid the beauty of nature.

One look and we knew it was the perfect location, and an idyllic romantic location for lovers of nature.

Tucked in the hills of rural Maryland, but less than an hour from the hustle and bustle of the city, the 155-acre site is a wonder to behold. Surrounded by 18,000 acres of adjacent public and privately conserved land, ThorpeWood is home to native brook trout streams, hiking paths, forests, an arboretum, pond, and hybrid American chestnut orchard.

THORPEWOODWhen you add in the green-construction timber frame lodge, it’s easy to imagine a nature-inspired wedding.

Brides choose this stunning location for weddings where rustic elegance and romance rule the day.

But it’s not only brides that come to the mountain.

ThorpeWood is more than just a nature preserve or a place to host an event surrounded by the wonder of the outdoors. ThorpeWood also provides Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs to Head Start students and others who otherwise would not be able to participate in a horse program. Here, horses are not merely tools, but rather partners in a quest to learn more about fundamental communication and how that leads to building deeper more meaningful relationships.

THORPEWOOD“This year children at ThorpeWood’s Stoney Lick Icelandic Horse Farm will spend approximately 3,000 hours getting to know ‘horse’ from the ground (no riding) and in so doing these youngsters are being set-up to learn the building blocks of sound communication, a foundation that will help them negotiate life,” shares Sam Castleman, program director at ThorpeWood.

Area non-profits have available to them ThorpeWood’s grounds, lodge and EAL programs, all free of charge. Companies come to ThorpeWood for corporate retreats and find that this special “place” is transformative.

The ThorpeWood mission is to share the bounty of natural resources with others, allowing opportunities for growth and discovery that can only come from nature. Bambeco felt an immediate bond, born of the realization that this was a place where our own ideals were being lived out. Conversation with humanity. Communion with the earth.

We were thrilled to use ThorpeWood’s beautiful settings for a photo shoot. The results were nothing short of amazing, and we discovered a true gem, right in our own backyard.

THORPEWOOD Hidden away 1,000 feet off a quiet mountain road, ThorpeWood feels secluded and remote, the perfect year-round retreat. Yes, year-round. Because the beauty and majesty of nature is not limited to one season. Because the earth has things to share whether or not the sun is shining. Because there is wonder and delight in every season, from the first buds of spring through the crisp snows of winter.

And for brides, that may be the best news of all. June may be the traditional time for weddings, but love has no season. At ThorpeWood, the beauty and romance are ever present, changing with nature, ready to welcome.