10 décor lessons…
“mistakes” and solutions

We’ve all been there. We’ve given in to the too trendy décor piece, bought the chair that looked amazing but was torture to sit in, or painted our walls a color that looked great in the store. Décor mistakes. They happen, and in some ways, it’s a good thing. Each mistake is a learning process. Here are the top ten we’ve seen, and some great ways to combat them. With a little knowledge, it’s easy to find stylish, sustainably-crafted décor that not only looks great, but feels great and fits the way you live.

  1. Too trendy
    The piece that looked great in the window, or online. It’s the latest rage. But when you brought it home, it clashed with everything.
    Solution: trends are great, but take a moment to really assess whether they work for you. If they do, go for it! If not, pass.
  2. It looks great, but
    Like a stiletto heel at a picnic, these pieces look amazing, but they just don’t work for your life. It could be the cute bistro table, or the slipper chair in your bedroom.
    Solution: look at how you actually live and use your space and only purchase items that fit the way you live.
  3. The dream purchase
    Investing in a giant table, or matching place settings for 12 when you never entertain is a good example of the dream purchase.
    Solution: invest in things that suit your actual lifestyle, not the one you might have someday.
  4. The quickie
    You have guests coming and need a bed, fast! The problem with buying cheap is that you’re also getting cheap. That piece won’t be around in a year, bad for your wallet, and the planet.
    Solution: buy the best you can afford and save up for the rest. If you need a really temporary solution, consider renting, or buying used.
  5. You didn’t test the color
    Paint store lighting is notoriously terrible. Light changes throughout the day, affecting the appearance of paint color. Different textures can impact the way a color looks as well.
    Solution: always try a test patch. If you can’t paint directly on the wall, paint a board  you can hang before committing to the whole paint job.
  6. Cookie cutter art
    Like the trendy item, this is very personal. Buying art just because it’s trendy will create a space about as personal as a hotel room.
    Solution: choose art that speaks to you, whether it’s trendy or not, and mix it in with one-of-a-kind pieces, personal mementoes and framed photos for a truly personal touch.
  7. DIY troubles
    The project that sits unfinished because it took more time than you planned, or more skill than you have, or…
    Solution: know your abilities and your limits. If you’re a DIY maven, have fun, otherwise, save the projects for fun hobbies and not home décor you need to have now.
  8. Mystery flora
    That plant looked so good, you just had to have it! Sadly, it didn’t flourish in your space. What happened?
    Solution: always research before you buy a living thing. Know your lighting and space conditions, and the amount of time and effort you are willing to devote to care.
  9. Too much white
    We love all-white décor. It’s fabulous. Which is why it’s so easy to say yes to that gorgeous white upholstered chair. Unfortunately, we also said yes to red wine, a dog, and chocolate.
    Solution: if you’ve just got to have white, either opt for washable slip covers, or plan on it being in a room that has a lot of rules.
  10. Too much organization
    Organization is a good thing, but if your system requires a map and complicated instructions, the result is going to be frustration, not organization.
    Solution: like everything else on this list, it’s all about finding something that works for the way you actually live, not the way you think you should.

The reality of all of these “mistakes”? They’re not really mistakes, just choices that could have been better. Instead of getting bogged down by could haves and should haves, make your décor decisions based on what you love, and how you live. You’ll be happier for it, and your place will look better.

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