10 tips for real wow factor…

It’s the little things that count, and it’s the little things that can take your home from “meh” to “wow”. We’ve got 10 quick tricks to get you out of the ho-hum and into fabulously and sustainably stylish.

  1. A little water—nothing makes a room look more polished and pulled together than flowers in a vase. Pick the style and colors that suit your space the best and go for it!
  2. Count the brown—yes, it’s a neutral, but you can have too much of it. Reduce the amount of brown in your space, especially if the floors are brown, and you’ll suddenly have a more vibrant room.
  3. Fake it—got a lot of little things that just look cluttered? Use a tray, or bowl to corral things like keys or other small things and create the illusion of stylish organization. Like things gathered with like, and resting on a tray or displayed in bowl, look amazing.
  4. Mix it up—mix up those pillow sizes and shapes. Don’t go all square, or all rectangle. Layer them on and mix them up for maximum dimension.
  5. Find and use an accent color—most of us have a color scheme, sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s warm, sometimes it’s neutral. But what we miss is the one little accent color that makes things pop. It’s like adding a touch of salt to your caramel. That little pop of turquoise in a warm-toned room can make a huge difference.
  6. Soften things up—even if you love ultra-modern lines, add a little softness to make rooms feel more inviting. A soft rug, or a cushy throw can add valuable texture.
  7. Keep it in scale—if you’ve got older large furniture pieces that you’re not quite ready to replace, freshen things up by mixing in newer pieces, but keep things in the same scale. Small accessories will just make that big item seem even bigger.
  8. Keeping it odd—we’ve all heard to work in odd numbers—three or five of a thing for the most pleasing look. But unless you are going for very formal, symmetrical décor, try to ensure it’s not three identical things. You want a variety of texture, size or color to create a collection, not a matchy-matchy display.
  9. Smart rustic—we love the rustic look, from vintage finds to modern reproductions, but the look you want is refined rustic. Just like shabby chic, if the emphasis is on the chic, it works. If it’s on the shabby, it just looks old.
  10. Light your candles—nothing lights up a room like candlelight! A little secret—when you put new candles in, if you’re not going to burn them right away, light them and blow them right back out again. A brand new wick looks like you never use your candles and can be a subtle, but cold and unwelcoming thing.
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