10 tips to reduce waste…
throwing less away

reduce Waste

Our landfills are filling at rates faster than any of us care to think, and sadly, trash floating in the oceans and waterways is becoming an even bigger problem. Reducing waste is high on everyone’s priority list, and we’re all familiar with giving up our plastic grocery bags in favor of reusable ones.

We’ve pulled together a plethora of earth-friendly ideas to reduce the amount of stuff that goes in your trash bin each week. Which also means less stuff in the landfills.

  1. Switch to digital – forget CDs and DVDs, go strictly digital on your movies and music
  2. Reduce mail – contact catalogues and get off their mailing list, cancel subscriptions you don’t use and go paperless on all your bills
  3. Ask for and give consumable or homemade gifts – event tickets, dinner reservations and edible treats are always appreciated
  4. Shop your farmer’s market – local produce is a good choice, and the minimal packaging is even better. Bring your own bags to make it even better.
  5. Skip the single-serving packages – buy in larger quantities and repackage yourself in reusable containers.
  6. Give up plastic wrap – store leftovers in reusable glass containers instead.
  7. Throw fido a bone – buy pet toys that are made from recycled materials, and are recyclable.
  8. Bulk up – get your most-used cleaning supplies in refillable containers to cut down on packaging.
  9. Use cloth – toss the paper towels and disposable napkins and opt for cloth instead. They’re prettier, more durable and do a better job.
  10. Become a borrower – make friends with the local library to get books without waste.
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