go feathered!

sip of green

Go feathered! Birds aren’t just a pretty feather; they’re also flying green machines, devouring insects, weed seeds and other pesky garden bad guys. Make your garden a bird sanctuary by reducing pesticides and providing water, food and attractive flowers and resting places.

the ABCs of CFL and LED bulbs

Light bulb

The very first light bulb came into being sometime in the early 1800s, and no, it wasn’t invented by Thomas Edison; though Edison is the one who designed the biggest improvements in the early incandescent bulbs.

We’ve come a long way baby!

Through the years, the incandescent light bulb has been the standard. Early Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) were expensive and offered up unattractive light. These days, CFLs are affordable and come in a variety of light colors. But why do we care about light bulbs? This is where “eco” friendly means both the earth and our pocketbooks. Continue reading

gears to gadgets:
old bike parts get new life

Recycled Bike Parts

From jewelry to furnishing and home décor, upcycling has come out of the world of the thrift-conscious and into the mainstream. It’s a good thing for savvy folks looking for creative, often one-of-a-kind pieces, and it’s a great thing for the environment. Every upcycled item is one less thing heading to a landfill.

Take an already eco-friendly thing like a bicycle, when it’s past its prime, what do you do with it? You can sell it, trade it in, disassemble it into component parts to build a new bike, or… well… you can turn the parts of a bike that’s too far gone for all of that into something really cool. Continue reading

10 tips for helping
Fido and Fluffy go green

Pets and eco-friendly are a match made in green heaven.

Eco Nap w Dog

We’re pet friendly here at Bambeco – many of our staff have pets, we love discovering new, green pet products and we welcome our four-legged friends for office visits. Over 60 percent of all American households own pets. It’s safe to say that we have a love affair with the furry critters. Continue reading

a clean, green, home

It wasn’t too long ago that finding environmentally friendly cleaning products presented a major challenge. There were very few commercial options available, and what was there often required going to yet another store to find them. Even now, with many greener cleaners to be found on grocery shelves, sometimes, the only way to find a wide variety of green cleaning products is to shop online.

Cleaning supplies

If you’ve tried green cleaning products in the past and just didn’t like them, it might be time to try them again. Today’s eco-friendly options are much better than their ancestors in the industry. Gone are the soapy mixes and smeary substances that smelled like… well, “unscented” things used to have a distinct, and unpleasant, scent of their own. We used to jokingly say, “It smells unscented!”

We’ve come a long way baby!

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