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Plastics and oil walk hand in hand and our homes are full of products made from petrochemicals. The very things that make plastic so durable, affordable and convenient are the same things that make it so bad for the earth

To reduce plastic use in the home, opt for items that will last, and that can be recycled. Choose renewable, organic materials and natural-based finishes on wood products.

You’ll create less pollution and have a healthier home… and the environment will thank you.

protecting our waterways…
one action at a time

A reflection on watershed protection and the importance each individual has on our natural environment


Guest Blogger: Dana Puzey, Program Manager at Blue Water Baltimore

Now that spring is here, many of us are preparing our planting beds, starting our vegetable seeds, and otherwise preparing for our release from cabin fever. This is the norm for most folks, but those of us in the business of protecting Baltimore’s waterways are thinking about spring rains and the impact they will have on our streams. Water is an invaluable resource, but when it falls on hard surfaces such as rooftops and roadways it becomes stormwater, or urban runoff. This water flows directly to our streams without being treated. The water is contaminated by a myriad of pollutants including trash, petrochemicals, and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, elements commonly found in fertilizers and suspended in our air due to combustion engines. Continue reading

simple steps to green your life… painlessly

Recyling Pile

These days, the green message is carried so loud and clear that it’s become a part of our public consciousness. Green is cool. And that’s a good thing!

But it’s also easy to be overwhelmed with all of the choices and decisions that have to be made. Add in the confusing “green” advertising perpetrated by many corporations, high prices and lack of cool style on many green products and what you have is one hot mess.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by all there is to do, try focusing on doing just one thing. Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” And Confucius encouraged that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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Happy Earth Month! And welcome to our brand new blog!

Go Green SignAt bambeco, we were so excited about Earth Day, and the Billion Acts of Green, that we just couldn’t contain it to one day, or even just one week, so we’ve been celebrating for the entire month of April. We’re extra excited because Earth Day also marks our third anniversary!

This is also our Lifestyle category, where you’ll find posts about green activities, events, people and places.
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what’s a sip of green?

sip of green

So, what is a sip of green, exactly? It’s just a taste of something green!

Sometimes, we find terrific short pieces we want to share. It may be an inspirational quote, a can’t-miss link, or cool news item – we call them a Sip of Green.