a tale of teak
just how green is it?

Teak Table

The answer, of course, is it depends. Teak is a tropical hardwood that has long been used in outdoor furniture, decks and boat construction. Teak is durable, naturally water resistant and has a striking grain – all qualities that make it ideal for outdoor applications. It’s also highly resistant to termites and decay and in most applications doesn’t require varnish to maintain a healthy appearance. Unfortunately, teak’s popularity led to significant impact on its native areas. Two out of three species of teak are endangered, impacted by unsustainable forestry practices. Continue reading

greening your décor
with plants

Plant Wall

Plants are amazing things for green décor. They bring a sense of nature to inside spaces, will happily fill awkward spaces with gorgeous greenery and they’re carbon dioxide munching, oxygen producing powerhouses. What’s not to like?

But that’s not the end of what plants can do! They’re also incredibly versatile design elements you can use to create that just-right feeling in your home. Continue reading

DIY repurposed & practical décor
10 uses for an old suitcase

Vintage Suitcases

Maybe you inherited it, or you found it at a yard sale, but there it sits – that irresistibly cool vintage suitcase. It looks like it’s been around the block a time or two, but it’s got style, class and charm; a certain je ne c’est quoi. The only question is what to do with it. It’s just not practical as a carry on. Here are ten ideas to get that old suitcase out of the closet and into fabulous use. And what’s more green than repurposing? Continue reading

reduce, reuse, recycle
why recycle?


The green message is everywhere. Reduce what you purchase and consume, reuse or repurpose what you have, and recycle everything you can. It’s a rare community that doesn’t have some form of recycling program, and if it’s simple enough to follow, most of us will do the right thing and use the little bins.

But if it’s too much of a hassle, or too confusing, we quickly revert to the everything-in-the-trash mindset. But what’s wrong with that? We’re recycling most of the time, right? Continue reading