yard care without emissions?
it’s possible!

Lawn Care

The traditional suburban house with a perfectly manicured green lawn is slowly becoming extinct. More and more, homeowners are opting for landscaping that is friendlier to the environment than a big expanse of green. Giving up the lawn doesn’t mean giving up grounds keeping, however, and conventional lawn mowers and other gas-powered yard tools account for 5 percent of air pollution in the United States. With numbers like that, it’s a smart move to look for some better options for maintaining an HOA-approved yard. Continue reading

just peaches…
a taste of summer abundance


It’s high summer at the farmer’s market and the peaches are out in abundance. There are only so many peaches you can eat out of hand, but fortunately, they’re an easy fruit to hold on to. When you’re all done making peach crisps and cobblers, and you’ve even tried your hand at a peach-mango curry, and you’ve still got peaches, what do you do?

You capture the essence of summer to enjoy later in the year, of course! Continue reading

urban gardens…
produce in the city


If thinking of a garden full of ready-to-eat produce conjures up images of bucolic fields in a rural area, try these words on for size “urban gardening”. Sound a little odd? More and more city dwellers are choosing to garden in their limited spaces and urban community gardens, once a rare find in the city, are becoming more commonplace. The interest and demand for public growing space is, well, growing! Community gardens offer opportunities for city residents to learn and connect with each other, as well as reap the benefits of fresh produce. Urban green spaces also help beat the heat of the concrete jungle. Urban gardens are cropping up all across America. Here are just a few we know of. Do you know of any urban garden programs in your area? Continue reading

renovation footprint…
should we salvage that?

Many people are choosing to renovate their old homes rather than sell and build new. The reasons are different for everyone. Some want to save money and a renovation is less expensive than a rebuild. Others want to preserve some historic element in their existing home. Still others love their home, their yard and their neighborhood but find the home’s interior design no longer suits their lifestyle. Continue reading

destination recycle:
finding ways to recycle even more

Recyling Pile

Almost every community has some form of curbside recycling available, and whether yours is single stream or separated out into different days with different bins and colors for each day, it’s all a relatively simple thing to get used to. There’s the compost bin, the plastics bin, the metals bin, the paper bin and then the trash bin for everything else that isn’t a toxic household waste. But then there are those things that you have to ask, “Can I recycle this? And if so, how?” We’re taking on a few less common recyclables and letting you know exactly how to deal with them. So keep reading! We’d love to hear your creative recycling tips as well! Continue reading