the tiny home trend
bigger isn’t always better

Photo Credit: Louise Homstead

Bigger is better is out. Today, tiny is the new real estate buzzword. Gone are the days of McMansions boasting soaring great rooms, cavernous bedrooms and hallways so wide you could bowl in them. The pendulum has swung – completely in the opposite direction. Today, homeowners are choosing living smaller, better and smarter. Well-designed, multi-functional spaces have replaced yesterday’s wide-open, hard-to-maintain caverns. Continue reading

vacation prep
going green before you go away


The day has finally arrived! After all the planning, and scheduling, and shuffling of schedules, it’s finally time to head out on vacation. You’ve got the standard checklist of last-minute things; you’ve already put your mail on hold, arranged for the neighbors to keep an eye on the house and for your sister to take the pet bird. Before you hit the road though, add a few more things to your checklist to help keep your home green while you’re gone. Continue reading

stylishly green…
create your own green look book

Eco Style

Unless you’ve been living a green life for years your home is probably a mixture of the eco-friendly and the not-so-eco-friendly. Most people are not going to run out and redecorate their entire home all at once. And it wouldn’t be a very eco-friendly action anyway!

We prefer to take the “one-step-at-a-time” approach to green – starting with little things, establishing new habits and making greener choices when the time comes to replace items. With all the eco-friendly home products out there today, it’s possible to go green no matter what your décor style. So how do you keep track of your favorite looks or items over time? Continue reading

design time…
sustainable flooring options

The floor’s the thing…


Whether you’re starting from scratch or remodeling an existing house, making greener choices in building materials helps ensure your home will be eco-friendly from the ground up. One notoriously tricky spot is flooring. Floors need to be durable, livable and attractive. Requiring that they also be sustainable makes it a tall order, but fortunately, there are options out there!

Sustainable options range from reclaimed materials, to using clean, renewable sources. Take a look at just a few of the stylish, and sustainable, flooring options currently on the market and decide which fits your style, life and budget. Continue reading