migrating monarchs…
is your yard a butterfly sanctuary?


Every year it happens, thousands of monarch butterflies migrate southward in search of a more temperate climate. In northern latitudes, the migration may have already peaked, for people in the central and southern states, it’s just beginning, and if you’re in a warm southern climate, the monarchs in your area may not migrate at all. For those living west of the Rockies, the monarch population is heading to coastal California, and if you’re east of the Rockies, the butterflies are taking a longer trip to forests high in the mountains of Mexico. Continue reading

cozy up for fall…
decorating with pillows and throws

Pillows and Blankets


Ah, the approach of fall. The crisp, cool weather just begs for coziness. It’s time to break out the sweaters and brew up some hot apple cider. And it’s a perfect time to add some cozy to your home because what’s better than a fall evening spent curled up in cushiony comfort with a toasty throw over your feet? Continue reading

it’s more than a morning pick-me-up


Coffee, for many of us, it’s an early-morning necessity. No matter how you make it, however, you’ve got grounds to deal with. If you’re a multi-cup a day person, or have multiple coffee drinkers in your house, that can up to a lot of brown gritty stuff. Throwing it in the trash is a bad idea, as an organic item, it will just add to methane emissions in a landfill. Composting your grounds is perhaps the best option, but did you know there are all sorts of other, eco-friendly uses for coffee grounds? Continue reading

seeing spots?…
natural, green, DIY cleaning


Going green in the home usually comes along with using fewer chemicals, including detergents. We’ve written about tackling laundry and keeping whites clean and bright without chlorine bleach, but what about general stains? How do you preserve the nice linen tea towels and cotton bar mops that have replaced paper towels in your home? Fortunately, there are plenty of green options, from products you can buy to some DIY tricks that rely on products you probably already own. Continue reading

water, water everywhere…
quick DIY conserves the wet stuff


Google “water saving tips” and you’re going to get a mind-boggling number of relevant results. We’ve even posted on the topic here. Some of the tips you can find are easy and totally practical for everyday life; others, well… not so much. Today we’re looking at a super simple DIY job that even renters can do that will help you conserve water. Continue reading