halloween chills and thrills…
without the scary stuff

Green Halloween Planning

We’re talking green for Halloween and we don’t mean a wicked witch or Hulk costume. Halloween has transformed from an ancient celebration of the harvest to one of the most commercial holiday events of the year. From costumes to candy and decorations, it’s a spooky environmental nightmare. But it’s also easy to give the holiday a big, green makeover. Continue reading

reduce, reuse, recycle…
putting old tees to the test

Reuse tshirt

The green mantra – reduce, reuse, recycle. Reaching for a refillable bottle instead of a disposable plastic one is old-hat to most of us by now. Most of us have a few old tee shirts hanging around that are too beat up for donating, or maybe they have sentimental value and we don’t want to get rid of them. So, what to do with them? Continue reading

preserving your bounty…
keep fruits and veggies fresh… longer

Preserve Veggies

As the bounty of summer dies down, it’s time to enjoy the last of the season’s fresh fruits and veggies before moving into fall produce. Most of us don’t have time for daily visits to the grocer and the farmer’s market is only once a week, so how do you keep your fresh produce as fresh as can be? Continue reading

decluttering pre-redecorating…
turn a house into your eco home


Smaller spaces and minimalist design are hot home trends. If the idea of minimalism seems too cold and impersonal to you, or you can’t imagine how you would fit all of your stuff into a smaller space, keep reading. Both trends rely on reducing clutter – and that doesn’t mean reducing style, or forgoing your favorite knick-knacks and décor items. Continue reading

going green?…
try going paper (towel) free

Paper Towel FreeLittle changes can lead to big impact. We’ve said it, and we live it. Going green isn’t an all or nothing decision; what works for one family may be totally impractical for another, and that’s OK. So we like to offer suggestions for easy steps that can be taken incrementally, at your own pace. You decide what works for you. Are you ready? This one’s a little radical.

Give up paper towels.

Continue reading