halloween leftovers…
a tale of compost and donation

Halloween Leftovers

It’s Halloween and we hope everyone is set for a spooktacularly green time. Tomorrow, the cleanup begins. No matter how eco-conscious you were in your decorations and preparations, there is sure to be a pile of Halloween stuff ready to be dealt with. From an overload of candy to that scarecrow on your porch, what do you do with all of the goodies and gear? Continue reading

a year of freshness… keeping herbs all year long


As we get deeper into fall, the fresh herbs of summer fade into memory. Gardeners in more temperate climates, or who have container gardens in protected spaces may still be eking out a few fresh leaves from their plants. But there are ways to hold onto summer’s bounty even longer. Before your perennial herbs go dormant and your annuals go to seed or die down, it’s time to harvest one last time. With careful preservation, you can stretch those herbs into next spring. Continue reading

mixed metaphors…
modern rustic design

Modern Rustic

The latest trend in home décor is a sort of mixed metaphor that combines rustic elements with modern lines and sensibilities. It’s a super flexible look that can go city elegant or country charm and everything in between. It’s also perfectly suited for all things green. Modern rustic styling means reclaimed and repurposed materials are right at home and can be incorporated to fit any décor. The look is easy and relaxed, and even in its most sophisticated interpretations; it still sports a casual, inviting vibe.

Continue reading