time to get toasty…
tips for a greener fireplace


Ah, the cool, crisp days of fall! It conjures up images of brisk nights spent curled in front of a blazing fire. But that cheery fire is not so cheery for the environment. It may look pretty, but if you’re burning plain old wood in that fireplace, you’re belching lots of smoke, soot and other unpleasant stuff into the air. Add in the fact that the typical fireplace isn’t even really efficient at heating the house and suddenly a crackling fire starts to lose its appeal. Continue reading

Photo Friday…

As part of our fall spruce up, we’ve introduced some new weekly features to our blog and Facebook pages. Today, we’re introducing Photo Friday!

Each Friday we’ll feature a quick snapshot of life at bambeco HQ. Last week, our photographers were busy taking pictures for Halloween promos, so our sneaky blog crew snapped a quick Instagram shot of one of the props. We also snapped a quick shot of one of the bikes parked in the office – everyone loves riding to work in the gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having. This week, we thought we’d continue the fall theme and share some of our seasonal decor.

We’ll be regularly updating our Instagram photo album, so be sure to check it out.

five quick ways to add a little green to your life

Cell Phones

Every now and then, we like to offer some quick tips and ideas for easy ways to live just a little bit greener. Most of these are not major things, on their own, they won’t change the world. But we like to think of them as raindrops in a bucket. Each drop may not fill the bucket very much, but over time, with enough raindrops, the bucket will overflow with goodness. Continue reading