deck the halls with…
eco-friendly baubles

Eco Christmas Tree

How do you keep your Christmas tree green? No, we’re not talking about watering it. We’re talking about decorating your tree with pretty things that are also planet friendly. When it comes to going seasonally sustainable, there are all sorts of ways to go and we’re going to tackle a bunch of them! Continue reading

real or fake?…
the tree dilemma

Christmas Tree

Real or fake? It’s kind of like the grocery store clerk asking, “paper or plastic”? The best answer is “neither, thank you.” While that’s a simple answer when it comes to grocery bags, it gets a little more complicated when talking Christmas trees. Grocery bags don’t carry the weight of tradition and nostalgia. Christmas trees, on the other hand, are inextricably wound up in our holiday memories and plans. Continue reading

green do or eco-no?


Thanksgiving is behind us, the turkey is all eaten and the harvest décor has given way to the reds and greens of Christmas. This time of year is full of parties and celebrations and gift exchanges. Which brings up the taboo topic of the unwanted gift. Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but sometimes it happens. Maybe it was the office gift exchange. Or maybe it was the aunt you haven’t seen in years. The thought is nice, and you appreciate it, but the fact remains that you are now faced with a gift that you simply won’t use. From regifting to donating, the ideas for tastefully dispatching of the unwanted gift are endless. Continue reading

make room for guests…

Guest Closet

Whew! Thanksgiving is done and the last of the dishes are finally put away. It’s time to take a quick breath before the next round of holiday travel hits. With the trend toward smaller living spaces, fewer people have a dedicated “guest” room, and that’s a good thing for your green lifestyle. But it can make having company challenging. Fitting in a few extras, whether for overnight or just for a party, doesn’t mean you need a bigger house. It just means you need to be smart about using what space you do have. Continue reading