host gifts…
good for them and you…
and the planet

Host Gifts

It’s the holidays, and that means parties and dinners and events galore. Bringing along a gift for the host is, of course, traditional. Bringing along a bottle of your favorite vino is nice, as are flowers. The secret to a great host gift is to make it something simple and useful that doesn’t require a lot of work on the host’s part (so, houseplants are out unless you know the host has a green thumb). That’s why wine and flowers are the usual, they’re easy and almost universally appreciated. Continue reading

greener holiday choices…
from gift wrap to décor

Green Gift

It’s hard to believe the holidays are already upon us! We’ve got a whole series of posts planned, all about holiday decorating and entertaining, but we also love talking about the little stuff. To kick off the season on a green foot, we’ve put together five simple ways to go green for the holidays. Got any other great green holiday tips? We’d love to hear them!

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