taking the Christmas out of ornaments…
decorating all year long


Christmas is over and it’s time to start taking the decorations down. You’ve figured out what to do with the tree, and even created an efficient way to store your lights using repurposed materials. But wait! Before you wrap up and store all those ornaments, take another look at them. Continue reading

the recycle files…
doing something with that tree

Christmas Tree Compost

Christmas is almost here, and it’s that time again. The time when anyone who opted for a real tree starts looking at it and wondering “just what am I going to do after the holidays?” It’s enough to make anyone miss out on some holiday joy, but no more. We’ve got a collection of eco-friendly ways to deal with your tree. We can’t help you with the actual work, sorry!

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there’s an app for that…
mobile tools for green living

Today, most of us live with our smart phone almost constantly by our side (or in our hands!) Why not transform your phone into a green powerhouse? With a selection of free apps, it’s easy. We found some great green apps focused on recycling and other green tools, and most are available for iPhone (and iPad) as well as Android. Continue reading

low ceiling?…
no problem!

Low Ceiling

Peruse any design magazine or site and you’ll see rooms with soaring ceilings and lofty looks. Which is beautiful, but… what if you don’t have high ceilings? From downsizing to buying an older style “rancher” or finishing out a basement or attic for an in-law suite, guest room, or home office, it’s not uncommon to be faced with less than lofty ceilings. Short of a major renovation, there isn’t much that can be done about it architecturally, however there are plenty of design and décor tricks to help fool you into feeling like you have more headroom. Continue reading