no excuses recycling…
reducing the kitchen trash

kitchen recycle

The kitchen trash… how much of what goes in there could be recycled? These days, the answer is “a lot.” Curbside recycling programs are getting more and more widespread and picking up a wider variety of items than they did just five years ago. Even smaller cities tend to have recycling centers that can handle what your curbside program can’t. So, here’s our collection of nine no-excuse items that should be recycled. Continue reading

taming the plastic monster…
and decoding those recycling numbers

Recyling Pile

Plastic is pretty much everywhere we go. It’s easy, it’s convenient, it’s cheap… and it’s about as bad for the environment as it can possibly be. Going completely plastic free is an admirable goal, but for most of us, it’s a daunting task. We like little steps – simple, easy things that anyone can do to make their world just a little bit greener. Here are just a few (almost) painless ways you can reduce the plastics in your life. Continue reading

color everywhere…
finding color inspiration

Color Theory

Color, color everywhere! Color is a big topic in home décor; it’s also a big point of confusion. A room that lacks a color scheme can look messy or arbitrary; but a room that has a solid color plan can make even the most unusual mixes look gorgeous and pulled together. If your color choices seem to be all over the place, or you don’t absolutely love the colors in your home, or you’re planning a redo and aren’t sure what colors to use, we can help. Continue reading