water, water everywhere…
and why is it so important

It’s World Water Day, and the theme this year is international water cooperation. What does that mean? Every action involving water management requires effective cooperation between multiple agencies. Rivers cross geographic and political boundaries and cooperation is necessary to share the water resources of a transboundary river basin between upstream and downstream users with different and sometimes conflicting needs, claims and cultures.

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decoding the codes…
recycling symbols 101

Organized Recycling Recycling has gotten a whole lot easier lately; many communities are now offering single-stream recycling (meaning you can toss all of your recyclables into one bin). Others require basic sorting and still others require very specific sorting. Either way, it’s a good idea to know your recyclables! Continue reading

the monarchs are coming…
building a butterfly way station

Monarchs Spring 2013

It happens every year right about this time. As winter comes to an end and the days get warmer and longer, the monarch butterflies begin to head north, looking for milkweed plants on which to lay their eggs before they die. As spring continues, the eggs will hatch, and eventually the caterpillars will metamorphose into the beautiful orange and black adults. These offspring will recolonize their parents’ original homes, and they’ll produce another generation of summer butterflies. Continue reading

transform your entry…
making a mudroom


Spring is coming and that means it’s time for muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, raincoats and more. If you don’t happen to have a mudroom, you can feel like your entry has been taken over by wet and messy outerwear. Yuck! However, it’s an easy fix and you don’t have to sacrifice (much) space to do it. Creating a one-stop-shop for all that gear helps keep your home cleaner, neater and even greener (you’ll be doing less clean up in the rest of the house and keeping all the outdoor gunk in one easy-to-clean spot). Continue reading