break out of the mold…
avoiding cookie cutter design


Rules, they’re meant to be broken. And when it comes to home décor, we’re all about making it personal and individual, not about following a set of strict rules to create cookie-cutter design. All of that said, there are a few things we think of as sort of unbreakable rules, or strict guidelines. You can safely follow this list of things not to do and still hold onto your individuality, and have great design as well! Continue reading

every day is Earth Day!

Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! And we’re celebrating!

Earth Day is extra special to us because it’s our anniversary! To celebrate, we gave away a pair Adirondack Chairs and matching Ottomans, it’s on our Facebook page, check it out! Then go take a look at what else is new and cool around here.

Since the first Earth Day was held in 1970, it’s gone from a nationwide petition to put environmental issues on the political agenda into a globally celebrated annual event to raise awareness and participation in environmental causes. How can you be part of the Billion Acts of Green? We’ve got some ideas, and they’re simple!

  • Plant a tree – in your yard, or as part of a community restoration project. It’s fun and good for the planet!
  • Attract wildlife – plant flowers that attract butterflies and birds, use beneficial bugs instead of pesticides to make a healthier garden and put out hummingbird feeders and seed feeders.
  • Step up your recycling – visit a local recycling center and find out what you can do to improve your recycling prowess.
  • Switch to CFL bulbs, and if you’ve already done that, consider LED bulbs. Both burn cooloer, longer and with less energy use than incandescents.
  • Plant a veggie garden – it’s the perfect time to get growing. Consider raised beds, containers or even a rooftop garden if you lack yard space.
  • Compost – if you’ve got any yard at all, you’ll cherish the end result, and even if you don’t, many community garden centers will happily take it off your hands. And it keeps food scraps out of the landfills!
  • Carry a trash bag – any time you go to a local park, beach or outdoor space, bring along a small trash bag and pick up whatever you can. Litter detracts from the natural beauty and it’s bad for the environment and wildlife.
  • Lend a hand – look around for a local group that’s doing something positive and get involved. Help clean up a stream, plant some trees, work in a garden center, volunteer at a shelter, whatever sounds awesome to you.
  • Go meatless – take the Meatless Monday challenge, and take steps to transform the rest of your week into healthy, organic, locally-grown meals as much as possible. You’ll be surprised at how much better seasonal tastes!




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celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is extra special to us at bambeco! See, the company was launched on Earth Day 2009, so we have double the reason to celebrate!

Have you seen our new Faces of Bambeco feature? Some of our staff members have been sharing their favorite bambeco products, and why they love them so much! Make sure to check it out.

And of course, we’ve been running a spectacular sweepstakes! We’re giving away a pair of Adirondack Chairs with matching Ottomans to one lucky winner. Have you entered yet? Enter here (and you can enter every day!) and we’ll be announcing the winner on Earth Day!

Oh but wait, there’s more! It’s our anniversary, but we’re giving our fans and customers the gift. Starting today, and going all the way through Monday, you can get 20% off outdoor decor, bed and bath, and kitchen and entertaining items at bambeco. How? Just enter the promo code EARTHDAY13 at check out.

Of course, take a look at the Earth Day site for more information about how you can be a part of this spectacular day to celebrate our planet and join the Billion Acts of Green!

siting down to dinner…
choosing a dining table


A dining table is a big investment that comes with lots of questions. Outside of style, the biggest one is size. How big do I need to go? What size will fit in my space? In most spaces, it’s almost a formula, and it’s simple. If your needs are really unusual – a very small or very wide open space, the need to seat just one or two, or the need to regularly seat 20, you’ve got a different set of concerns. But for most people, choosing a dining table is all about the numbers. Continue reading

unexpected color…
taking it outside the lines

Take a look around any décor site and you’ll see all the usual suspects for color schemes. You’ll find the casual, beachy whites, grays and blues, the warm and earthy tones of Bohemian style and the jewel-box tones of classic décor. But who said you had to play by the rules? Sure, there are some tried and true color schemes; they’re a great place to start, or fall back on if you need to. But what if you want something just a little, or a lot, different? There are times when a shocking color scheme is just the ticket for making a room work well. Are you ready to color outside the lines?

We love color, and our new spring line is full of it! We’ve pulled together images that show off color schemes that are just a little outside the norm, and they work. The secret is being fearless and using the unexpected colors to your advantage.

Who says red and blue have to be nautical?

This space combines unexpected colors, mixed patterns and interesting design and ties it all together thanks to the accessories. A remarkable piece – whether it’s art, a pillow, bedspread, rug or whatever – can be a stepping stone to a very unexpected, and very workable, color scheme.

Dressing down the overly formal

If your space is pure button-down, an unexpected palette liberates you from all the classic rules and creates a timeless appeal in a space that could otherwise seem stuffy. The secret to this look is going bold and fearless, and keeping furniture styles harmonious.

Mix metaphors

Rooms that lack personality in the form of architectural details are just begging to be jazzed up with some bright colors. Start with otherwise simple colors and inject some serious good vibes with an incredibly vibrant shade. The secret to mixing orange and pink (or other similar colors)? Choose colors that have the same intensity or value.

Define your space

Unexpected colors can help bring definition to your rooms. The contrasting colors here help create the feeling of two distinct areas in this otherwise wide open space. An unexpected color pop is also a good way to create a focal point in a room that lacks one.

Embrace bold

There’s a lot going on in this room, but it works thanks to the walls – a true neutral on the walls and the rest of the room would have seemed jarring. But with the subtle color that ties in to the art, the rug, and the pillows, the rest of the room comes into focus in an amazing, energetic way.

Primary concern

Going this bright, with pops of high contrast color makes this entry warm and welcoming. It works because the bright yellow has taken the place of a neutral and the other colors are used as accents. This isn’t a look for the shy at heart, but if you love bold rooms, this could work for you.

Taking it outside

Who said bold color combinations were reserved for indoors? The neutral backdrop provides the perfect spot to bring in bright colors. Repetition is the secret here, using the same brights over a large area brings a sense of harmony.
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