10 picks for a planet-friendly fourth

Independence Day is right around the corner, and while no one is going to pretend that fireworks are very eco-friendly (though many companies are moving to greener techniques – in 2004, Disney patented an air-launch system that they’ve since opened up to other companies), it’s still a time of celebration and fun. We’ve gathered up some ideas for making your celebration green (or at least greener).

Hit up the farmer’s market for your goodies and fill your menu with locally-grown, organic produce and meats. Want a delicious dessert? Try grilling peaches. Yum!

Product List:

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watch your head…
decorating around a sloped ceiling

The charming attic bedroom, or the renovated bath tucked in among the eaves. They’re classic examples of using what space you have. Those charming spaces also tend to come with some unusual architectural features, the most challenging is the sloped ceiling. On the positive side, they can be cute and cozy, and may even include a skylight. On the negative, they can feel crowded and the lack of headroom on the sloped side can feel awkward at best. Instead of knocking out walls, or moving to a different home, embrace the ceiling and decorate around it. Continue reading

hall pass…
what to do with that long, dark space

Hallways… they connect rooms, sometimes they’re an entrance, maybe they’re that slightly awkward space in a stairwell. Whether practical or awkward, halls often present design dilemmas. What do you do with that narrow space?

The answer is, it depends. If you’ve got a wide hall that has extra space, like on a stair landing, you can create a small reading nook. If you’ve got a long, narrow hall lined with doors, you can’t add seating, but you can certainly add bookshelves, or create a photo gallery. We’ve got some decorating tips, tricks and ideas to help create a hallway that’s just as wonderful and welcoming as the rest of your home. Pick your favorites! Continue reading

summer refresher…
a bright new look

Hot, sultry days, bright blue skies, longer days and warm nights. Ah, it’s summer, time to get ready for life outside. In all that outdoor décor, it’s easy to overlook your interiors. Summer is the perfect time for a little summer refresher inside. Ditch those darks and embrace the warmth and light of the sun. Continue reading

faces of bambeco…

Jac Faces

At bambeco, we’re all about the little things. We believe that small steps can lead to big change. We’re also all about the good life. We believe that stylish and sustainable not only can work together, they should work together. And it’s not just a corporate thing, our team members are some of our best (and most particular) customers!

We’re continuing our Faces of Bambeco series – today, we’d like to introduce Jac, a member of our Customer Service team. When we asked Jac about her favorite bambeco product, she had a hard time narrowing it down to just one. In the end, she decided on the Isabella Solar Lantern.

Name: Jac

Favorite bambeco product: Isabella Solar Lantern

Why: I think well-placed lighting and eye-catching decor can make any occasion feel special. These recycled glass solar lanterns are so vibrant, even when daylight is filtering through the glass.  They are great for the planet and perfect for summer on my outside deck!

How does it fit in your life: Candles are lovely, but with a toddler and two dogs they’re not always safe. I can leave these on and have gentle light without worrying about a flame. We like spending time outdoors, and I don’t want bright lights to ruin the night. These put out a really soft glow that’s just right for us.

What’s your favorite green feature about this product: Oh, the rechargeable solar batteries! I don’t have to think about them or worry if I remembered to get batteries. That’s perfect for me and perfect for the environment, too.

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