green washing…
talking about green laundry

green laundry

When it comes to living green, we like to embrace the small steps method. Little changes can add up to big differences. We don’t think green is an all or nothing lifestyle; instead we think of it as a journey where each person does what they can and makes little changes and improvements along the way. Maybe the disposable shopping bags and incandescent bulbs went first, or maybe it was making the switch to locally grown organic produce. Yesterday, it was one little thing at a time; today there’s organic cotton sheets on the bed, a recycling bin in the kitchen and a compost bin on the counter. What will it be tomorrow? How about green laundry? Continue reading

embracing color…
advice for colorphobia


Color is always a hot topic, and with good reason. Color is a big part of a design. Fabulous pieces of sustainable décor are all terrific, but color can make or break a room. If you live with a color lover, but you revel in neutrals, how can you open up to embrace a more vibrant palette and reach a compromise? How do you embrace color as part of your design? Want to cure your colorphobia? Here’s how!

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the mythology of green…
taking the green path

Green Mythology

Green, green, green! Everywhere you turn, you’re encouraged to go green, and while we love the idea, we’re also aware that with great popularity comes a whole boatload of myths and misunderstandings. The image of a green life as expensive, extreme, and less stylish still persists. Is there anything to all this green mythology? We don’t think so! Continue reading

seeing red…
décor in scarlet

We love color! Red, blue, green, yellow, orange – we love them all! Color is fun, it’s personal and it’s an easy way to dress up any space. It’s also a super simple way to create a new look without the hassle of a complete room redo. Start with a neutral or monochromatic palette and add accents in one color and you’ve got a great modern look that you can completely change just by changing which color you use.

What color are we going to start with? Why, red of course! Red is one of those exciting colors that almost everyone loves but seems afraid to use. It conjures up images of country barns, candy hearts, and maybe Scarlet O’Hara. But we love red for different reasons, and in all of its shades from tomato to crimson and everything in between and beyond.

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unwanted visitors…
a mouse in the house

unwanted visitors

Eek! A mouse! We all know the rule, if you’ve seen one, there are more. And while no one like to think about mice, the fact is, they happen. Whether you’re in a city apartment or a rural farmhouse doesn’t matter. Short of spreading around a lot of very bad for you and the environment poison, what can you do? Oh, lots! We’re not talking poison or traps, those are hot topics and we recognize that everyone has strong feelings on live traps versus kill traps. Instead, we’re focusing on making your environment less welcoming to unwanted furry visitors. Continue reading