art of relaxation…
lazy late summer days

Late Summer

August… summer is almost over; it’s time to start thinking about back to school and cooler weather and fall gardening. But not yet. Not today. Right now, in this moment, it’s time to start thinking about taking a break and savoring the moment. It’s time to indulge and enjoy. It’s time to relax. The long, hot days of late summer are perfect for spending an afternoon lazing in a hammock, or rocking on the front porch with a tall glass of lemonade. In our busy, plugged in lives, it’s easy to forget to slow down every now and then. It’s time. Take a deep breath; celebrate something slow and easy; stop and smell the roses and indulge in the good life. Make time for yourself and recharge a bit. Continue reading

down with dander…
green and healthy


Spring was over months ago, so why am I still sneezing? Seasonal allergies are a pain, but at least there is an end in sight. Indoor allergies are a completely different thing and can go on all year long. One of the biggest causes of indoor allergies is pet dander. Whether you just don’t want to give up your favorite furry friend, or you want to make your house more accessible to friends who have pet allergies, there are easy ways to reduce the amount of indoor allergens in your home. The two most common ones are dust and dander, other common triggers are cleaning supplies, transfer of pollen from outdoors, and irritants found in things like paint, adhesives and other household goods. First step, switch to eco-friendly cleaning solutions and opt for low- to no-VOC paints. Now let’s get control of these household allergens! Continue reading

loft living…
sustainable style

Loft Living


The loft life… who hasn’t dreamed of living in a wide-open space with beautiful architectural details, high ceilings, huge windows and a long history? Lofts and studios are becoming more and more common and can make for an amazingly green living space. A renovated building in a well-developed urban environment is an ideal situation for many professionals. Whether large or small, lofts and studios share some surprising challenges; the biggest tends to be storage. We’ve got some tips for successfully, and sustainably, making a functional, and beautiful loft living space. Continue reading

empty nest décor…
making room for yourself

Empty Nest

The last kid is heading off to college in the fall, now comes the big question: renovate or relocate? Many families are choosing to downsize once all the kids have grown and gone. Others take a slightly different approach; rather than relocate, they repurpose the space they have. Maybe they really like where they are, the commute is perfect, the market isn’t right, or they want plenty of space for their now grown kids to come for a visit. Whatever the reasons for staying, it doesn’t make sense to leave the kids’ rooms as they were. It’s time for a little empty nest redecorating. Continue reading

wood décor…
it’s not just about the furniture

The natural beauty of wood is classic, timeless, and done right, oh-so green. From wood furniture to wood floors, we have a love affair with all things wood. When it comes to décor, natural wood provides color, texture, warmth, and undeniable personality to any space. Wood décor can feel smooth and sleek, or rough-hewn and rustic. It’s emotionally evocative; dark colors call up images of cozy libraries or a warm ski lodge while lighter tones conjure images of summertime picnics, sun-filled kitchens or a serene spa. Continue reading