all new heights…
decorating for a high ceiling

We’ve talked about dealing with low ceilings and sloping ceilings, but what if you design dilemma is exactly the opposite? Those lofty ceilings may be fabulous, but they can require a bit of special attention to keep the space from feeling cavernous. How can you maintain all the drama and still have a cozy, welcoming room? The secret is in using scale and structure; here’s how. Continue reading

game day libations…
beyond the beer

game day libations

If tailgating conjures up images of cheap beer, or bourbon in a classic flask, well, you’re not alone. There’s nothing wrong with classic football fare, but if you’re in the mood for something a little different, then we’ve got some great ideas for some decidedly delicious game day libations! As always, choose organic and locally-produced wherever possible to keep things as green as you can. Grab a cocktail shaker and let’s go! Continue reading

are you ready for some football?…
gearing up for game day

It’s that time of year, when friends and family gather together to share good food, fellowship and football. Whether you call out for pizza or create your own mouthwatering organic menu of tasty treats, there’s no doubt about it, football and food go together. Serve up your favorite feast in sustainable style for a play that’s unbeatable. We’ve gathered together some of our favorites perfect for a casual get together.

fall facelift…
for the coffee table

coffee table

Ah, the coffee table. It’s something of a staple that even comes with an almost foolproof decorating and accessorizing formula – something tall, something fresh, something oddball, something bookish. Which is great, and super flexible, and super easy. But let’s take coffee table décor to the next level. It’s time to incorporate seasonal elements. These tips can apply to any decorated surface in your home – from the side table next to your sofa, to the console table in the entry hall or the bookshelves in your family room and the nightstand in the bedroom. Anywhere you would normally decorate and accessorize can get a little fall facelift. Here’s how. Continue reading

front door drama…
making an entrance!

front door

Got an entryway or foyer that could use a little lift? It doesn’t matter whether your entry is a tiny landing or a gracious hall; it doesn’t matter whether you call it the foyer, entryway, vestibule, front hall, entrance, anteroom, or just that space by the front door. It’s a hardworking multi-tasker that serves as a place to greet guests, be welcomed home, or prepare to leave. It gives guests a first glimpse of our style and serves as a landing zone for coats, keys, and more. It’s a busy space, so why not give it a fresh new face? We’ve got some key tips to adding sustainable style and color to your entryway. Continue reading