get ready for hummingbirds!

Every spring it happens—stunning, jewel-toned tiny birds come flitting through our yards on their way back home from their winter habitats in the south. The earliest sightings are usually in the warm, southern states around late February.

If you’d like to attract more of the little birds, get up to date on hummer facts and fiction, and read our tips for creating a hummingbird friendly habitat in your yard. If you’re curious about what species of hummers you’ve got, the most common varieties in the US are Allen’s, Rufous, Anna’s, Costa’s, and Ruby-Throated. You can get more info about these, and other, species at the World of Hummingbirds Catalog. Did you know that there are over 300 species of hummingbird in the world, and that 51 of them are endangered in some way?

To attract more hummingbirds, you want to create an inviting habitat—that includes water, places to perch, shade, sun, feeders full of nectar, and lots of tiny bugs. Obviously, you don’t want to use pesticides in your garden—you want those bugs for the hummingbirds. Attract enough hummingbirds, and you won’t have a bug problem! Continue reading

Spring is coming…

With March just around the corner, thoughts of spring start blooming. It’s time to get ready for longer days, warmer sun, and all the fun of springtime. Now is the perfect time to take stock of your indoor and outdoor plants, and buy seeds for your spring plantings. We’ve gathered some of our favorite seed collections, perfect for creating a stunning outdoor oasis, for yourself, or your favorite gardener!

For the wildlife

Attract birds, butterflies, and bees with these collections of carefully selected seeds.

Get herbal

Grow your own culinary herbs from seed and you’ll have the freshest, most organic herbs you can find.


Salad and veggies and tea

Oh, my! Grow your own salads and veggies for fresh, organic produce at your fingertips, then enjoy a cup of your very own organic herbal tea.

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décor don’ts… and a few green do’s

Spend any time perusing shelter magazines and site and you’ll see all sorts of décor do lists. But with so many different personal tastes and styles of décor, we thought it would be easier to create a décor don’t list. So here it is, our basic top ten list of décor don’ts that still allows you to create your very personal space. Continue reading

green and glam…
two great looks that look great together

If your view of eco-friendly décor is that it’s full of rough-hewn woods, scratchy fabrics and country-rustic styles, it’s time to take a new look. Bringing nature into your world, and creating a space that includes décor that’s good for the planet doesn’t mean sacrificing style or good design. Are you ready to take green from granola to glam? Continue reading

mastering the art of the bedroom…
claiming your sanctuary

Your bedroom is perhaps the most personal space in your home; it’s where you relax, and really unwind. It’s often the last room to be decorated, but it’s really the most important room in your home. Your bedroom is the place to really let your personality shine. So what’s your personal style? What kind of bedroom makes you feel like kicking your feet up and relaxing? Continue reading