bringing the outside in…
8 ways to embrace summer splendor

Changing the way you view your world is your secret weapon toward creating an extraordinary indoor environment that reflects your passion and connection to the earth—bambeco When is the last time you walked on the ground? Not concrete or asphalt, or carpet or wood. When is the last time you set foot to earth or even wiggled your toes in grass? Why do we ask? Because bringing the outside in is as much about getting in touch with your surroundings as it is about

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surrounding yourself with beautiful things. This is the definition of sustainability—an approach that is not only smart…but oh so chic. Below are eight of our favorite bambeco chic ways to bring the outside in this summer.

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Cauldron Start with inspiration—Look around you. What interesting natural botanicals are growing right under your nose or just down the street? You may find fabulous branches and climbing vines in your own backyard or bunches of wax flower at your neighborhood farmer’s market. Start by getting inspired.       Olive picker

Contain yourself—Unlock your passion by finding the perfect vessel for your botanical display. Repurposed objects that inhabit story are often the most beautiful. Imagine the patina of a vintage enamel cauldron or the texture of an olive picker basket filled with lavender and the message of welcome in the entry hall—bambeco’s Industrial Chic at its finest.


More is more—Let restraint fall by the wayside as you fill your spaces with charm. Repetition is everything in a more-is-more approach that frees you to fill not one, but many containers with colorful field of flowers. More-is-more is also true when it comes to creativity—no need for the traditional vase when you have six vintage yogurt bottles nested in a handcrafted reclaimed wood carrier.


Reclaim your WOW.   Secret (Indoor) garden—If a plot of land is not at your fingertips an indoor ecosystem can fulfill that green thumb longing in you. Start with miniature botanicals and add a charming glass terrarium that comes with charcoal, soil, gravel, stones, and moss. And, if you dare, add a tiny creature to become master of his own little world. Breathe the green.



Mandate for fresh—Imagine fresh basil for the pasta, or a pinch or two of dill garnishing the potato salad. There is simply nothing like the taste and smell of organic herbs in the kitchen—your favorites nested within a mason jar and barn wood shelf, handcrafted with charm and practicality to ensure your edibles flourish—a feast for the senses.




Go vertical—To achieve a chic Modern Fusion vibe, create a succulent masterpiece—the frame, made from recycled plastic jugs, is brilliantly designed to house intricate botanicals-become-art on your living room wall.




Champagne Bucket

Celebrate the everyday—Whether a container for bubbles or blossoms, this vintage French Champagne bucket makes a charming reminder to celebrate the little… and big accomplishments in the everyday. Rustic Refined embodied in vintage design.




Create the conversation—“Pretty” doesn’t hold a candle to story. Be inspired to express your personal style and build a life and a home that seek to change the world…one room at a time. bambeco—Communion with the earth. Conversation with humanity.