5 Must-Haves for Hosting a Party for the Big Game

With America’s favorite spectator sporting event coming up, it’s time to stock up the fridge, find that favorite dip recipe and prepare the grill. Whether you’re a seasoned party veteran or hosting your first party, we have you covered with 25% off party essentials and five of our favorite items for hosting the big game.

1. Emery Recycled Lager Glasses

Emery Recycled Lager GlassLet’s start with the basics. No party is complete with the proper glassware to enjoy ice cold beer! This 100% recycled glass collection is handmade by classically trained glass blowers using recycled bottles. In addition, our factory compensates locals for collecting clean glass and even organizes environmental cleanup days with local schools in exchange for donations of building materials or sponsoring their soccer team – now that’s a win-win! Shop the Emery Recycled Lager Glass

2. Reclaimed Barnwood Beer Caddy

Reclaimed Barnwood Beer CaddyKeeping with the beer theme, our beer caddy is perfect for taking six of your favorite craft brews from the kitchen to the living room or grill out back. Our sturdy caddies are handcrafted from wood salvaged from American barns, assuring that no wood goes to waste. Expert tip: Many beers & liquor stores offer the option of choosing 6 of your favorite beers (Whole Foods offers this in select stores), so bring your beer caddy with you next time and stock up! Shop the Barnwood Beer Caddy

3. Root Wood Chip and Dip Platter

Root Wood Chip and Dip PlatterPerfect for serving your favorite dips, chips and veggies (check out 40 dip recipes here!), our Chip and Dip Platters are created from fir tree stumps left behind from sustainable logging operations. Removing the stumps not only minimize waste, it also helps accelerate the forest’s recovery. Finished with a food safe lacquer, this tray is both serving piece and conversation starter for your next party. Shop the Root Wood Chip and Dip Platter

4. Confetti Recycled Drinkware Collection

Confetti Recycled Drinkware Collection
Add a little color to your festivities with our famous Confetti Recycled Drinkware! Transforming trash into treasure—this collection is created from old soda bottles rescued from the landfill to grace your table with an explosion of color. These stunning works of art are handcrafted by skilled artisans using techniques passed down generation to generation. Shop the Confetti Recycled Drinkware Collection

5. Reclaimed Wine Barrel Tray with Handles

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Tray with Handles
This customer favorite is perfect for serving cheese (read how to create the perfect cheese platter), appetizers, drinks – or just about anything! Handcrafted from reclaimed wine barrels with a wrought iron base, these trays are sure to charm. Crafted from recently retired wine barrels, these one-of-a-kind trays may still bear the branding and vineyard handling markings from their previous life. Shop the Reclaimed Wine Barrel Tray

Looking for more items for your next party? Shop all full Kitchen & Entertaining items.