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This week, we’re talking about green home design from a whole new angle. We’ll always be about decorating smart with stylish and sustainable products, but we’re also about thinking holistically, and looking at the big picture. Do you have energy guzzlers in your home? Let’s find out!

Whether you’re building a new home, or remodeling existing construction, considering the environment and energy efficiency of your home is the way to go. Building a new home allows you to pick and choose exactly what green features you want to incorporate, and done right is a very smart option. However, remodeling goes a long way to conserving resources, reducing waste and carbon emissions. Eco-friendly is not just a passing fad or buzzword; it’s here to stay and for that, we’re glad! We’ve rounded up five big energy guzzlers to think about when it comes time to buy, build or remodel.

Artificial Lighting

It sounds silly, but if your home is dark during the daytime, you’ll be reaching for a light switch all day long. Natural light is a balancing act where you want to encourage bright light to see by and for winter warmth, but keep things shady and cool in summer. Think about how you can increase natural light in your rooms from window placement to using mirrors to reflect light. And if you haven’t done it already, replace all your bulbs with either CFL or LED bulbs.


Your air conditioner and heater guzzle up loads of energy to keep your home comfortable. Keep your systems in good repair, clean and replace your filters often and set your temperatures warmer in summer and cooler in winter to help reduce the impact.


Are your appliances out of date? Replacing an old refrigerator, water heater or other appliance with a more energy efficient model will help lower your energy costs. Which is automatically better for the environment as well – lower energy costs means less energy being used, which means less natural resources being used up.


If you’re building or remodeling, consider what’s under foot. Look at your options for green flooring choices, from cork to bamboo or reclaimed wood. Floors need to be durable, livable and attractive. Requiring that they also be sustainable makes it a tall order, but fortunately, there are options out there!

Traditional Furniture and Décor

It’s possible that the couch you’re sitting on is a huge energy guzzler in its own way. It may not be sucking up power, but the amount of energy and environmental waste that goes into traditionally-built furniture and décor is staggering. Look for furniture and décor made from sustainable, recycled, reclaimed or repurposed materials to reduce the carbon footprint of your home even further.

With a little thought and effort, your home can be eco-friendly inside and out, without breaking the bank or starting entirely from scratch.

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