about us

Bambeco is the home furnishings and décor company where your eco-conscious style intersects with your home and lifestyle needs.  With thousands of sustainable products, bambeco offers the finest choices for modern green living and makes stylish eco living easy and affordable.

At bambeco, we make it easy for you to live your values without sacrificing quality and price. As you browse our web store, you’ll discover a wealth of stylish and modern products, carefully selected to advance a more sustainable and just world. Our innovative products are made from materials that are all-natural, biodegradable, nontoxic, organic, recycled, recyclable or repurposed.

Launched on Earth Day 2009, bambeco celebrates bamboo, the planet’s most renewable and versatile resource, and ecology, the essential relationship we have with the natural environment. Bambeco has quickly won customers and a loyal devoted fan base of followers.  At bambeco, we believe that everyone can make a difference and that incremental change leads to real impact.

We’re excited by the growing momentum behind the sustainability movement and the opportunity to help people make enlightened choices in line with their values. When style, quality and price are equal, most Americans want to buy eco.

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