ace geometry…
without doing math in this hot décor trend

Color without Paint

Bold geometric prints are oh-so in and they’ve come a long way from their modern roots. Today’s geometric prints can blend in with any style. The bold patterns, clean lines and simple designs fill spaces with a sense of movement and energy. And of course, the secret to geometry is balance.

If your room is already full of color, bring in geometric prints in soothing neutrals and let the clean lines and bold patterns do the talking. In a neutral room, or one with softer tones, a pop of bold color in the design can be a welcome bright spot. It’s all about balance.

Straight, angular lines on accent pillows will look great against softly rounded furniture. Of course, the opposite is true as well, soften the harsh lines of straight furniture with subtle curves and circles.

Keep the geometric look from overwhelming your room by contrasting it with free-form patterns inspired by nature. Bring in large-scale at work with free-flowing lines, or add sprigs of curly willow to a large, geometric vase. Vary the scale as well, mix and match small with large.

Bold graphic designs pair best with subtle color or neutrals, like this pinwheel pillow. Soften the look of straight-lined furniture and lend a sense of comfort with the clean lines of these jacquard throws. Go for the bold with the curving lines of this blooming pillow. For an intense pop of color in a geometric design, toss down the color wheel pillow. Geometry can be about texture as well, with these subtle diamond crochet pillows.

You don’t have to be a math whiz to make geometry work for you. A few simple pieces will do the trick of freshening up a room and giving it a bold, new face. Just remember, balance your décor – straight to offset curvy, bright and colorful to offset subtle and neutral. The simplest approach is to choose one or two accent pieces, like pillows or throws, to introduce a geometric pattern. But there’s another way…

Don’t be afraid to layer these designs, mixing and matching creates a surprising harmony when it comes to this style. So long as you keep a balance in colors and neutrals, you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

See, geometry is easy! Try it!

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without doing math in this hot décor trend

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