Adopt a New Way to Gift

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There are many ways to gift, but there’s only one way to say “olive you”. The Bambeco Adopt an Olive Tree program lets you give a meaningful, completely unexpected gift that makes a positive impact on the planet. And is a one-of-a-kind experience for your loved one.

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The process is easy and rewarding. You choose the Italian grove—from among the world-renowned vineyards of Le Marche, the Aleandri Grove; along the Trapanese coast of Sicily, the Barone Pastore Grove; or nestled on the Italian Riviera, the Bestagno Grove—and Bambeco will send a beautifully boxed certificate of adoption for you to give. Included on the certificate are specifics about your grove and tasting notes of the olive oil produced from that region. But it gets even better…for your recipient and the planet.

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Artisanal producers will then harvest the olives from your tree, handcraft a batch of olive oil, and ship three 16.9 fl. oz. containers to you or your lucky loved one in April. From the countryside to your front door. There’s nothing quite like the experience of dipping bread in fresh, all natural olive oil from your very own adopted tree.

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Best of all, your 12-month olive tree adoption helps protect small scale olive tree farmers and the earth. It keeps traditional farming methods alive and protects your grove from intensive and destructive modern farming methods.

Plus, with any sustainable gift purchase, Bambeco is planting a tree in an American forest. So with every adoption you’ll be protecting a tree in Italy and planting a tree in America. It’s a gift for everyone.

To adopt a tree in the Aleandri Grove visit

To adopt a tree in the Bestagno Grove visit

To adopt a tree in the Barone Pastore Grove visit