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Relaxing home

Yikes! Life is busy sometimes! Between job, commute, shuttling kids to and fro, getting the dog to the vet, tackling the grocery shopping and everything else, sometimes it feels like we’re constantly on the go. Add in electronic intrusions from email, texts and instant messaging and it starts to feel like we don’t have time to stop, let alone actually relax and smell the roses.

One quick way to bring a little peace and harmony to your life is to add just a bit of organization. Disorganized spaces feel chaotic, not relaxing, and we’re all about creating a home that feels like a haven or relaxation and joy. Try some of these simple ideas to help bring a soothing sense of serenity to your space.

  • Flowers are beautiful, adding color, drama and lovely smells.
  • Fresh plants are even better, they help clean the air and bring a touch of nature into your space.
  • Scented candles can help create a mood, choose invigorating scents for mornings and more soothing scents for bedtime.
  • Work to increase your home’s natural light and make sure to get outside a bit each day. Sunlight is nature’s mood elevator.
  • Declutter your spaces to create a sense of calm. Find your spot on the clutter continuum and work to stick within it. Use baskets and bins to help corral things that tend to get out of hand.
  • Craft a cozy space, a comfy chair, soft blanket and lots of (non-work-related) books will invite you to sit and rest a spell.
  • Use area rugs, they help soften hard floors, dampen noise, and tie in furniture groupings to create a unified space.
  • Get good quality, organic sheets and the best bed linens you can. Nothing is more relaxing than slipping into a comfy bed at the end of each day.
  • Make your bed into a nest of comfort. Pile it high with pillows, put on lots of soft blankets and make sure there’s a soft rug underfoot.
  • Keep a basket near your bed to collect things like remotes, cell phones, and other electronics that distract from a soothing sleep.
  • Create a photo wall filled with images that remind you of happy moments and good times.
  • Surround yourself with things you love and that make you smile. Don’t settle for dismal décor, make your space uniquely you and make your home a happy place to be.
  • Surround your tub with candles and indulge in a long soak. Add a tub caddy, grab your favorite book and a glass of wine to transform it into a real treat.
  • Get some really plush bath towels and enjoy the spa-like feeling after every shower or bath.
  • Use background music to your advantage. If your home is in a noisy area, a little soothing background music can mask less than pleasant sounds like traffic.



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