are you a green witch… a little Halloween eek-o


Black, orange and green! It’s time for Halloween! Whether you’ve got little ones, or you’re just a kid at heart, Halloween is a time for parties and fun. It’s the kick off to the holiday season, and a perfect time to celebrate fall. So, every year, we take a look at ways to bring a little sustainability to the celebrations. We’re not talking about giving up trick-or-treating, or skipping the costumes! That would be no fun! We’re talking about finding ways to keep all the good stuff, and make it a little bit greener. If you’re planning to hand out candy or treats, take a look at our guide to eek-o-friendly Halloween goodies. What else can you do to keep things green?

  • Rethink your décor. Instead of all that plastic and one-time use stuff, aim for pieces that you can use year after year. Treat Halloween décor the same way you do Christmas—pack it all up in a box to bring out next year.
  • Focus on nature. Harvest themes are popular, so a trip through your yard or farmer’s market will yield plenty of seasonal décor. Gourds, pumpkins, mums, bales of straw, dried flowers, leaves and branches are all perfect for creating a festive fall mood.
  • Use wooden bowls to offer treats (and skip those throw-away goody bags!) They’ll fit right in with the harvest theme, and you can use them all year long for other purposes.
  • Host a costume swap. Connect with other folks in your neighborhood, children’s school or workplace to host a costume swap. Gather up old clothes, bits and pieces of costumes and accessories and put it all out yard-sale style then let the fun begin. Oh, and this one isn’t just for kids; it can be great for grown-ups, too!
  • Use LED lights. Take a bite out of that energy vampire with low-usage LEDs for outdoor lighting, and even flashlights.
  • Go ahead, carve that pumpkin. And don’t forget to roast the seeds and compost the pumpkin remains (and the rest of it once the holiday is over).

No matter how you choose to celebrate, have fun! No one can be all-green, all the time. Make your choices, pick your battles, and take whatever steps you can. That will make your Halloween all fun and no fright.

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