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Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and everyone is making plans for where to watch the big game. If you’re the party host this year, it’s time to get your game plan ready for an easy, breezy and green game.

The menu – keep it simple. Whether you’re doing a potluck or cooking it all yourself, organize things ahead of time so you’re not spending the whole game in the kitchen. Plan foods that are easy to prep ahead, and pre-cut and prep any ingredients for last-minute dishes.

The food – bite size bits are game friendly and mean you’ll have fewer dishes to wash. Forks or spoons are the only utensils that should be needed for game-day foods. Juggling a glass of beer, a plate of food and a knife is an invitation to spills.

Snack it – it’s the little things that count. Outside of the main meal, you’ll want plenty of easy-to-grab snacks like chips and dips, organic veggies and fruit and nuts.

The drinks – know your guests. Football and beer may be traditional, but maybe your crowd prefers wine or margaritas. Stock up on the necessities, and have plenty of glasses on hand.

Reduce the trash – skip those ubiquitous red plastic cups and go for something less trash-producing. Opt for biodegradable disposables, or go ahead and opt for reusables and recruit a post-game clean-up team.

Get comfy – you’ll need lots of seats for all your guests. You’ll also want to make them comfortable. Bring in extra pillows and even throws to make your seating as inviting as possible (and to make the floor more comfy – because there’s always someone who sits on the floor).

Rearrange it – do a little pre-game prep and rearrange your room for optimal game viewing and eating. Put the table where it’s easy to access and doesn’t require folks to walk in front of the TV to get to. If you’ve got the space, make sure to arrange places for your guests to visit, chat, stretch out and relax during the game.

Yes, we said visit – not everyone watches every minute of the game. Set up an area far enough away from the action that lets guests chat without disturbing those watching the game, but is close enough that they feel like they’re still in the party.

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