area rug flooring trend…
let the brightness in!

After years of neutrals ruling the home, color has made a comeback in a big way. Adding color to an existing space can be a bigger challenge than it seems. Though colorful pillows and throws are always a great way to boost the color in your space, what can you do if you want a big splash of color, without the hassle of painting?

The answer, of course, is an area rug. A bright, colorful area rug can instantly change the look and feel of a room, taking it from flat to fab in one quick swoosh. Not enough oomph for you? Try layering your rugs for even more punch power.

Need some ideas for how to layer? Try one of these techniques:

  • Start with a neutral-toned natural fiber rug to create a sense to texture.
  • Use several smaller rugs in the same pattern and color family to anchor a larger space.
  • Alternately, try two or three rugs that complement each other to create a defined vignette with lots of personality.
  • Go ahead and layer over carpet—it’s a great way to brighten up a ho-hum space, or hide a less than perfect wall-to-wall.
  • Expand your space—if you’ve got a gorgeous area rug you love, but it isn’t quite big enough for the space, use a larger plain rug underneath it to visually expand the rug’s imprint.

No matter what your style, area rugs are easy ways to bring color and texture to your space. Layering them allows you to create a more personal space, something uniquely you. Go ahead and go for the bold and add in a brightly colored area rug. If  you need to tone it down a bit, use it as the base layer for a more neutral rug, and let the bright colors peek out around the edges. It’s up to you and what works in your space.

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