area rugs add drama…

Looking to create a dramatic change in your space? Maybe you want to add color to your neutral décor. Or you’re looking for a new style for the new home. Whatever the reason, one of the fastest ways to update a room’s look is to add an area rug. The right rug can successfully pull a room together, or create a completely different look and feel. It can add color, texture, style, and warmth to a space. So how do you choose the right area rug?

We’ve all seen the area rug mishaps, or even made them ourselves. The rug that was too big, or woefully small in the room. The rug that looked great, but couldn’t stand up to everyday life. Start with a few simple tips to finding the right rug.

Plan it out

Use area rugs to define your spaces. Measure the furniture arrangements and select a rug size that works for your living area. You can take the all-legs-on approach and choose an over-sized rug to define a room-within-a-room. A rug can be the centerpiece of a room, with either all legs off, or front legs on. These arrangements help anchor a space.

Think about style and color

A white rug may look elegant, but if you’ve got kids and pets, it might not be the best idea. An area rug needs to enhance the style of your room, and also suit your lifestyle. If white works for you, go for it! Functional doesn’t have to equal boring, however. Area rugs can add color and texture to your space as well. A natural-fiber rug adds texture and interest to a neutral palette.

When considering your area rug, think about how the room will be used. How much foot traffic will the rug endure? Is the rug meant to be a highlight to the room, or will it be “hiding” something undesirable?

Area rugs add texture and color; they also bring balance to your color scheme and anchor your space. Opting for rugs made from sustainable, natural materials, or ecofriendly recycled materials also means you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals in your home—especially important if you have young children or pets.


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