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hotel bedroom

What’s more relaxing than a stay at a fabulous hotel? You don’t have to travel to enjoy the comforts of that 5-star experience; you can create that same sense of relaxation and luxury right in your own home, and you can make it green. So what’s the secret to a hotel bedroom? What makes these spaces feel so plush and comfy? Sure, part of it is that you don’t have to do the cleaning, but the rest of it… well, that’s easy to recreate.

Simple color

Keep your color palette restrained. That doesn’t mean you have to choose neutrals, far from it, but go for a monochromatic or complementary color scheme with low contrast for the most harmonious, relaxing and luxurious feel.

Quality linens

What’s the best part of a hotel room, aside from the maid service? The bedding, of course! Invest in high quality organic cotton sheets, and top your bed with a linen duvet cover, then add a throw or two and lots of pillows.

Texture and layers

Don’t stop with just your sleep pillows and an accent. Layer on the comfort with oversized Euro pillows behind your regular ones, then double up on your sleeping pillows. Add textural contrast with accent pillows and throws, keep in the same color scheme, but mix up the finishes and textures to create interest.


There should be at least one element that’s oversize. It could be that massive padded headboard, the gigantic chandelier, or a trio of oversize recycled glass vases. Either way, a hotel bedroom includes things that are big.


If you’ve got hardwood floors, it’s time to add some softness. Go for large area rugs in the plushest pile you can find. Look for softness you want to sink your bare feet into.


If you’ve got room for a big chair or chaise, go for it! If you don’t have the space, add a small slipper chair, or even a bench under a window or at the foot of the bed. There should be some spot to stop and take off your shoes, and it shouldn’t be the bed.

No clutter

Clutter does not exist in a hotel bedroom. Since that’s just not practically possible at home, opt to hide away clutter with furniture that includes drawers (nightstands are a must have!) and decorative boxes or baskets tucked onto shelves.


It’s the little things that make a difference, and they should be kept simple, practical, but elegant. A carafe and glass on the nightstand, a vase full of fresh flowers, a piece of striking wall art, a basket full of organic lotions and soaps, a single scented candle. These are all things that make a space feel warm, welcoming and luxurious.

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