Kick Off Your Green Wedding With A Sustainable Shower


If you’re planning an eco-friendly wedding, you probably want every aspect to take the environment into consideration. This doesn’t only apply to the wedding itself, though. Pre-wedding events, like the bridal shower, can also fit with your green theme.

If you’re already in the midst of planning your green wedding then putting together a sustainable shower should be simple. From the venue to the invites to the food and gifts, everything can be done with the planet in mind and without sacrificing style or fun.

For a venue, choosing an outdoor space and a day-time event will limit the amount of energy you need. Vineyards, parks, or even a friend’s well-decorated backyard are all prime places to host a casual get together that won’t be high on energy consumption. Utilize solar lanterns among your décor and you’ll even be able to carry the party into the evening.


Sending invites is another area where less can be more. Paper invites just create more waste and use energy and resources in production. Using an e-vite eliminates the paper use and the extra trash. If you’re set on sending a hard copy invite, look for recyclable or even compostable paper options to minimize your impact.

You’ll also be receiving plenty of gifts at this event. Register at companies that fit your sustainable theme, or you can even encourage guests to make a donation to an Earth-friendly organization in lieu of a gift. If guests are bringing gifts, tell them to forget the wrapping and set up a place where everyone can place their unwrapped gifts. This lets everyone enjoy the excitement of seeing what you received without the pile of paper at the end.

Finally, on the day of, everyone will be looking forward to the food. Choosing organic food that’s locally grown is the most responsible option. By getting your food close to home, and using only organic sources that grow and raise their crops and livestock responsibly and without chemicals, you can provide a meal that’s delicious, healthy, and has the least impact on the environment. Obviously you should also give your guests clear areas to recycle their waste, but to go one step further for sustainability you could also encourage guests to compost their food leftovers. Using compostable plates and utensils will ensure there is minimal waste heading to landfills.

While it may seem daunting to create a green gathering for a large group, and the shower may take a back seat to your actual wedding planning, with a little attention to detail you can create an event that celebrates the occasion and protects the planet at the same time.