baby it’s cold outside…
cozy up your decor

It may still be blustery and cold, and we’re all begging for spring, but chilly temperatures outside are the perfect excuse to get a little cozy inside. It’s not all about the fireplace!

  1. Start with the fireplace
    It may not all be about the fireplace, but if you’ve got one, flaunt it! Now is the time to make that cozy hearth the focal point of your home. If yours is non-functional, you can still fill it with candles for a warm and cozy look.
  2. Throw on some comfort
    Reach for those soft, comfy blankets and throws, and don’t skimp on the extra pillows. When it’s chilly outside, there’s nothing nicer than curling up on a cozy, cushy, and warm, couch.
  3. Don’t forget the floors
    Hardwood or tile floors may look amazing, but they’re hardly toasty. Add some softness and warmth with cushy area rugs.
  4. Light it up
    Shorter days mean less natural light, so make sure you’re using plenty of soft lighting indoors. Try investing in daylight spectrum CFL or LED bulbs to amp up the warmth even more.
  5. Go for the bold
    Keep your spaces from looking stark and cold with splashes of extra bold color. Pillows are easy additions.
  6. Layers are your friends
    Things that would look to heavy in warmer months are just right for winter. Go ahead and layer on two contrasting tablecloths, and a runner, and mix those textures while you’re at it. You can do the same with throws on your couch.
  7. Don’t forget the bedroom
    Swap out the crisp cotton for cozy flannel or jersey sheets and add an extra blanket or heavier quilt or duvet. Top your bed with an extra blanket for visual appeal and added comfort.
  8. Pull out the warm fabrics
    From heavy cable knits to rich woolens, now is the time to bring out the fabrics that just saw “warm”.
  9. Get scentsational
    Use scented candles in seasonally appropriate aromas like fresh pine, or things reminiscent of holiday baking.
  10. Plan a night in
    Instead of making plans to go out, plan some activities for indoors. It could be renting a movie, or a game night, or even a night spent reading. Bring out the extra pillows, and brew up some hot cider for a homey, cozy night.
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