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Chesapeake Bay Foundation

On a perfect Saturday evening in June, crowds of people gathered on a strip of beach in Maryland. It was the party of the summer—the ninth annual Bands in the Sand event to benefit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. It was a party with a purpose, meant to leave an imprint on the hearts and minds of everyone present. The goal? Save one of our nation’s vital waterways—the Chesapeake Bay.

On a sunlit beach, piles of shoes quickly accumulated. An annual ritual, symbolic of an entire community joining together to save the bay. Footprints in the sand along the shore, evidence of the positive impact made by the event. This is what bambeco is all about.

Bambeco supports CBF all year long, but Bands in the Sand is special. An amazing opportunity to give more, do more. To make an impact and leave an imprint.

For the price of a ticket, attendees enjoyed fabulous foods including fish sandwiches, jerk chicken sandwiches, pork kabobs, veggie burgers, and mix of salads, snacks and sweets, as well as a wide selection of beverages, adult and otherwise. And they were entertained by three bands, the Evokatones, MadPlanet, and Misspent Youth. It was a night of reggae, ska, and classic rock, perfect for dancing.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

They came from all over, by car, by bike, by boat, yacht, and even paddling in on kayaks.

Some walked down the path from the parking lot at the CBF headquarters, while others paddled in on kayaks and canoes, or came by dinghy from their boats offshore. They came to celebrate and support. They came to dance the night away. They came to save the bay.

Bambeco CEO Susan Aplin spoke of the importance of the bay, and the partnership with CBF. She moved the crowd, touching everyone present. At the end of her speech, she led the crowd in a rousing chant, “Save the Bay!” Everyone joined in.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

The vintage biergarten table was very popular.

In the bambeco lounge tent, outfitted with chic, sustainable outdoor products, an Annapolis neighbor fell in love with the Vintage Biergarten Collection. The authentic German biergarten table and benches reminded him of his annual trips to Germany—a vacation that started out with just him, his father, and his son and over the years, grew to a group of over 50 people traveling together and enjoying the sights, sounds, and flavors, of Germany.

It was an evening of warmth, friendship, good food, good fun, and a great cause. It was an evening designed to make an impact…to leave an imprint.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Footprints in the sand… Make an impact… leave an imprint… an imprint that leaves an impression and influences others now, and leaves a legacy for a lifetime.

Make an impact – support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. At bambeco, we believe there is an inherent and profound connection between us and our environment. That’s why everything we do—from our manufacturing processes to our materials, our best practices to our products—is 100% sustainable. Bambeco gives over 1% of their annual sales to environmental partners like the CBF.

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