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We’re on a bit of a bedroom theme this week. It just makes sense. As the seasons change and cooler weather comes along, one thing that tends to change radically is what we’ve got on our beds. Your bed should feel comfortable and welcoming, and we’ve offered tips on achieving that layered look and going a bit lighter for a summertime bed. Today we’re delving even deeper into bed making territory to create a bed that’s effortless, elegant, personal and most of all, luxurious and green.

Though the layered look is still very much in vogue, an overly fussy, overly “done” bed is not. Today’s beds are casually elegant; they’re simple and sumptuous, inviting and easy. Organic cotton and linen lend easy style, a relaxed look and sustainability to the scene.


Fitted sheets make life easy, but if your mattress isn’t a standard size – say, it’s deeper than most – a fitted sheet will never fit properly. They’re also tough to fold. Instead, opt for flat sheets, just buy the next size up, and learn how to do hospital corners.

Embrace linen

Organic cotton is amazing, looks and feels beautiful on your bed and is perhaps the best choice for sheets. It’s time to add some texture to your bed, however. It’s time to embrace linen in duvet covers, pillow shams and blankets. The beautiful thing about linen is that it looks amazing, wrinkles and all. It carries off a certain casual elegance that means making the bed is even easier, a simple flick and your linens look fab.

Comforters and duvets

For the simplest, most straightforward bed making you’ll ever do, opt for a comforter and duvet. Choose your comforter based on how you sleep –  hot or cool, in a warm room or a chilly one? Then find a duvet cover that suits you, remember, try linen!

Non-slip on hard floors

If your bed sits on hard floors, buy some non-slip casters and place them under the feet of your bed to prevent sliding around. Now you can lean against the headboard to read without fear of sliding into the closet.

Pillow power

Get the right pillows! Start with pillows for sleeping and choose ones that suit the way you sleep – whether you’re a side sleeper, on your back or on your stomach, pick something that works for you. Down pillows will give a natural, plump look and make your bed look inviting whether you lay them flat, or lean them against the headboard.

Add some decorative pillows as well. You don’t want to be taking two dozen pillows off the bed each night, but a few accent pillows will both make the bed look attractive and serve a practical purpose if you like sitting up in bed.

Eliminate the gap

Almost every bed has a gap between the mattress and the headboard. If it’s a tiny gap, you may not even notice it, but if it’s just a littler larger, it can swallow enough of your pillow to make nighttime position shifts frustrating. Invest in a bolster to wedge in that space and leave it there. The only time you need to move it is when you change the bottom sheet.

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