Bees We Need

Various types of bees can be found across North America, but the most crucial bees are the native bees that help support our local ecosystems. Unfortunately, they have become threatened due to environmental factors and climate change.

That’s why we need to #savethebees! Why? Because bees…

  • Eliminate the need for harmful pesticides.
  • Provide a habitat and home for pollinators – for protection and reproduction.
  • Help to save endangered pollinators, and protect the future of our ecosystems.

One of the ways to help boost bee populations and hopefully ensure there are plenty of bees to support local plants is to provide shelter and refuge for them. Bee houses offer a place for bees to take shelter and develop their hive, allowing the young to grow to maturity and continue the cycle of pollination. These bee houses can replace other areas where bees would normally live that have been diminished due to environmental factors. Leaving the bee populations exposed due to the degradation of their habitats will only further their reduction, so bee houses can give you a proactive way to help the recovery of the bees.

For the best results, you should hang your bee house in an area on its own, away from birdhouses and your own house. Planting native plants for your area near the bee house will also help attract the bees naturally meant to pollinate them, creating a mini ecosystem right there in your backyard that can help the bees grow and thrive. Plus, attracting bees to your yard will benefit you with well-pollinated flowers and new wildlife to enjoy.

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