black for the ceiling…
is it right for you?

We’ve talked about embracing dark décor before, and just last week we tackled dealing with a low-light room by using darker colors to create a cozy atmosphere. Now we’re going to talk going really brave…we’re talking black ceilings.

Taking your ceiling black can hide a multitude of sins, add drama, and surprisingly, make your room feel larger. How can you tell if going black is for you? It’s a big step to take, and not one to be done lightly—covering up all that black can be a challenge. Take a look at our reasons to go black and see if they work for you. Then give it a try in a room like a bedroom—update your bedding with some crisp organic cottons in shades of gray to create a bold new look.

  1. Take the ceiling black to echo other dark elements in the room and tie things together.
  2. A black ceiling can emphasize trim—a great tool if you’ve got awesome trimwork. Make it pop with a black surround.
  3. To bring down a too-high ceiling in a cavernous feeling room, try painting it black. It creates a sense of scale, without impacting the space.
  4. Make a too-low ceiling look taller by going black. Sounds contradictory? Dark walls and dark ceilings mean you don’t see the boundaries of the room—making it appear larger.
  5. Nothing adds drama quite like black. Take the ceiling black and it’s like dressing your room in evening wear.
  6. If you’ve got a black and white motif going on, top it off with a black ceiling. Perfect for a pop of occasional color.
  7. Need to hide a bunch of ductwork? Rather than adding a dropped ceiling, paint everything, ducts included, black. The effect will visually “hide” any uglies right in plain sight.
  8. Planning to paint your walls black? Why stop there? Go for the bold and take the whole room to the dark side.
  9. In an open floor plan, a black ceiling can clearly define the space. Add an area rug and you’ve just created a room without walls.
  10. Got a great view? Take the ceiling (and walls) dark and the view becomes the undisputed star of your décor. It’s kind of like a red carpet for your room.
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