bringing the outside in
creating outdoor-inspired spaces

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Whether you have a large yard and just want to extend the feeling of being outside into your home or are in an urban area with no outdoor space at all, it’s possible to bring a little taste of the outdoors into your rooms.Bringing the outside in creates a sense of unity with the environment and makes your indoor spaces more inviting and warm. And the green factor? Plants and eco-friendly furnishings are always a great green choice. Creating an outdoor-inspired space inside means year-round “outdoorsy” pleasure. And for those choosing to downsize after the kids have gone off to college, it’s a very eco-friendly way to enjoy the pleasures of an outdoor space without the impact.

So how do you do it?

  1. Find a place
    Do you have a sunny corner window in your eat-in kitchen? Or a window-filled nook in the living room? Maybe it’s that hard to use space near the patio doors? Take a look around your home to find a space that invites the sunlight in, and think about how it might work for an outside-in space.
  2. It’s time to get literal
    Think about the materials you might use outdoors – sturdy, and sustainable, things like teak and bamboo. Opt for shelves and tables made to suit the outside then decorate them with potted plants.
  3. Swap out the chair
    Make a dramatic difference in our outside in space and go for an Adirondack chair, or outdoor lounger instead of upholstered furniture. Go for chairs made of rattan, wicker or wood to add texture and an outdoorsy feel to the space. If the area is very small, a petitely portioned wrought-iron bistro set might be a good choice.
  4. Throw some light on the subject
    When it comes to bringing the outside in, think of the sun! Keep your window coverings light and airy to allow maximum sunlight during the day. When it comes to artificial light, think sunset – string lights and lanterns evoke summer nights on the deck and create a restful space.
  5. Accessories are the secret
    What’s your interpretation of the outdoors? Are you woodsy or beachy? Or maybe you like a lakeside cabin, or you think nautical. Choose accessories that incorporate  your outdoor lifestyle. Buoys, rope and seashells combined with canvas slipcovers make a nautical or beach-themed space come alive. Rough-hewn wood, log construction and rag rugs evoke a charming lake country cabin.
  6. Go green
    Add some plant life to complete your outside in space, and keep up with your theme. Love the Southwest? How about some succulents and cacti? Are the tropics more your style? Bird of Paradise is great indoors, combine them with palm or ficus for a taste of tropical paradise. Got a brown thumb? Go for super easy-to-grow plants like pothos, English ivy, spider plant, rubber tree or the aptly-named and incredibly hardy cast iron plant.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy. Your outside in room is limited only by your available space and imagination. Got an extra sunny dining area? Why not use a good quality outdoor table and chairs instead of a traditional one? Transform an unused corner into a cozy, outdoor inspired reading nook. It’s up to you! Enjoy!

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creating outdoor-inspired spaces

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