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Candles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from tiny tea lights to giant pillar candles. To keep your candles eco-friendly, stick to those made with soy, beeswax or other natural, plant-based waxes instead of paraffin. Scents can come from natural, essential oils, or even some fragrance oils. Candles add sparkle and dimension to your space and can create a festive, cozy or romantic atmosphere. Mixing and matching your candles will create a magical display for any occasion. Candles aren’t limited to the dining table, use them throughout your home to bring instant sparkle and charm.

  • Fill an unused (or nonworking) fireplace with a variety of different candles to create a cozy, warm feeling without having to light the fire.
  • Group candles on a decorative tray, perfect for a wide window sill, hall table, or even on the coffee table. Move it where you need to maximize the beauty of candlelight.
  • What’s more relaxing than a candlelit bath? Use small candles to surround your bath with twinkling light and relaxing scents.
  • Arrange candles on your dresser or nightstand for a beautiful, romantic touch in the bedroom—just be sure to keep them well away from draperies and bedding.
  • Candles brighten up a guest bath—perfect for parties. Make sure to keep towels and linens a safe distance away and check the candles regularly.
  • Candles can be used outside as well—place small lights along a path, or use large hurricanes as a table centerpiece.
  • Consider scents when choosing candles—candles on the dining table should be unscented, or have very mild, food-friendly scents. Everywhere else, mix and match to create the mood you want.
  • Trim your wicks to 1/4” to ensure long burning and less smoke or soot.
  • Keep colored candles out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

The best part about candles is they’re not permanent—you can move them, rearrange them, and replace them whenever and however you’d like, so your home is always filled with bright, sparkling light!

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