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Candles are kind of a design must have. They look pretty, even when unlit, and when you light them, well…magic happens. There’s something about candlelight that makes any event feel special, and makes everyone look good. Read on after the jump for some tips on decorating with candles, and choosing the right wax.

Five quick thoughts on using candles for décor:

  1. If you’re grouping candles together, vary the heights and sizes for a more visually appealing look. Stick to one color to keep things from looking too cluttered.
  2. Add some height with candle stands like these Reclaimed Smoke Stacks to expand how you can use candles for décor.
  3. Unless you are symmetrically flanking an item, displays of candles look best in odd numbers. The asymmetry of it keeps things from looking too stiff.
  4. Symmetry works on the mantle or table, however. Using two identical candle arrangements looks crisp and neat.
  5. Trim your wicks to 1/4-inch to keep them from smoking. The jury is out on whether or not you should always light your candles so you’re not displaying unburned wicks. Your choice. We like to light them—it shows we actually use our candles.

We’ve talked different waxes before, but the short version is simple. Plain soy wax is too soft to stand on its own—if you see a soy-wax candle that’s not in a cup or container, ask what it’s mixed with. The choices are usually paraffin (not the most eco-friendly option), beeswax (eco-friendly, but not vegan), or palm—which is a touchy subject. Palm wax goes to extremes, it can be a very green choice, or a very bad one. Do a little research on what wax choices suit your lifestyle best.

Candles are an affordable, sustainable way to add serious drama to your décor. They fit any style, work with any colors, and create an irresistible atmosphere.


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