carbon-free shipping?…
how is that possible?


Climate change is real, it is manmade, we are all responsible for it, and we believe we should all be a part of the solution. Bambeco just announced Carbonfree® Shipping to all of our customers. Which is great, but what, exactly, does that mean and how is it possible? Since packages don’t simply magically appear on your doorstep, there has to be some shipping involved, and that means planes, trains and automobiles. How are we saying our shipping is carbon neutral?

First, we’ve taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can. That means using recycled packaging, and choosing a shipping carrier that offers greener shipping options and even electric fleets in many areas, and a whole list of other things, little and big. But what about the rest?

That’s where comes in. Their motto, “reduce what you can, offset what you can’t” makes complete sense to us. You can take steps to reduce many, many things in your life, but there are some things that are, for now at least, unavoidable. By offsetting those things, we’re supporting clean energy, environmental projects, and a better future.

We’re excited by this step that brings us closer to our goal of carbon neutrality! Want to know more about carbon offsets and how it all works? Or how to reduce your carbon footprint (hint: you can read a lot about that on our blog Inspired Habitat!) Here are some handy links, full of great information.

This is what bambeco is all about, making little changes, taking incremental steps, that all add up to big impact. With your help, we truly are changing the world one room at a time!



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