Celebrate Our Shared Habitats on UN World Habitat Day


Today is the United Nation’s World Habitat Day, an occasion created to reflect on the state of towns and cities around the world. This year marks 30 years since the day’s creation and over the past three decades they have worked to promote more sustainable development around the world, a cause we can get behind.

This year’s theme is Public Spaces for All, a cause that benefits not just people but also the planet. Increase in public space and improvements in the development of public spaces can positively impact a community and the environment.

The addition of green spaces to a community helps foster ecosystems in urban and suburban areas, supporting wildlife that otherwise would be displaced. Additionally, green spaces and additional trees in urban and suburban areas help cool nearby homes, reducing demand for energy and resources and lowering the carbon footprint of residents. Additional trees also filter storm runoff, removing toxins before the water reaches waterways, and they help produce clean air. Finally, designating green public spaces protects those areas from development, maintaining the natural environment from the area’s growth. The more green space we can protect and maintain on the Earth’s surface, the more positive impact we can have on the environment. On a larger scale, trees have been identified as our best tool to counteract climate change. They remove warming CO2 from the environment so adding trees to highly trafficked, populated areas helps offset the inevitable emissions from the community.

The UN’s main event today will take place at their New York headquarters where they will host a wide-ranging discussion about public space design and sustainable urbanization.

To learn more about World Habitat Day visit urbanoctober.org.

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