the nose knows…
the scent of your home

It’s that time of year. The house has been closed up because of the weather, and you’ve alternated between having a house full of extra people, or there being no one home. It happens in winter, and it can happen in summer as well. Either way, that stale house smell takes over.

It’s no secret that scents affect everything from our moods to our energy levels, and even the way we think. It’s easy to incorporate scented candles into your décor to freshen up your home. Or even grow some aromatic herbs to bring in the scent of a springtime garden. What are the scents you want in your home and why? Continue reading

the compost files…
gardener’s gold


Composting is one of the fastest, greenest ways of dealing with kitchen, garden, and yard scraps and trimmings. Instead of throwing all those little green bits away, they’re transformed into something incredibly useful and healthy. Composting is easy, even in smaller spaces, and you can make it a DIY project, or buy a premade bin specifically for compost. Continue reading

the inside scoop on bonsai…
yes, they can be houseplants


Traditional bonsai are outdoor plants, brought indoors only for special occasions. With the proper plant choice and care, however, you can enjoy bonsai indoors. Growing and tending to these miniature trees and shrubs is a relaxing hobby that has proven health benefits like reducing stress. It’s also good for your home. Greenery in your home helps keep your indoor air cleaner and fresher, and since bonsai rely on high levels of humidity to thrive, they also add needed moisture to the air during dry times. Continue reading

bed linen decoder…
the language of linen

Bedroom part 1

Just looking at bedding options can seem overwhelming. There are so many different things to choose, from the type of sheets, and whether or not to use a dust ruffle, to different types of pillows and whether to use a blanket, quilt, spread, duvet, or… the list seems endless. Understanding the basic terms is the first step to sorting it all out and getting down to what’s really important, a well-made bed! Continue reading

how much is too much…
calculating the right amount of paint

Planning a little freshening up for the new year? Painting is always a quick, easy way to get a fresh new look for little effort and cost. Getting the right amount of paint seems simple—how big is the area you’re painting, and how much can the paint cover? But ask anyone who has ever painted and they’ll tell you stories of trying to get the exact same color matched because they ran out, or of having gallons of paint left over. Continue reading