Homegrown & Green


We’ve covered plenty of ways to go green in your everyday life. Today, in honor of Armed Forces Day, we want to celebrate America and why buying products made in America is good for the environment.

In modern times much of the production of goods has been outsourced to places with cheap labor and an ample workforce. This has made mass produced items more affordable to buy, but unfortunately the impacts of this mass production greatly outweigh the savings. From inhumane labor conditions to toxic ingredients and harmful production processes and pollution, the negatives of this outsourced production are numerous.


A new dedication shopping local has spurred a return to the old, where items were made locally and transported shorter distances to the store where you buy them. The environmental benefits of buying products made in the US begin with the decrease in transport, and thus a decrease in the carbon footprint of each item. By moving materials and finished products all within a shorter distance, the emissions are far less than those produced by items shipped across oceans. Additionally, by buying these locally made items and supporting an American company your money is going directly back to benefitting the US and the environment right where you live by helping that company produce additional goods.

The US also has regulations around pollution and manufacturing that are far stricter than many other nations. This means even if your item is mass-produced, it is done so under heavy scrutiny by the US government to ensure it has a minimal impact on the environment. These regulations also mean American-made products are safer for you and the environment when you dispose of them.

Finally, it is possible to buy eco-friendly products made around the world and the sustainability of any product should be first and foremost when you consider your options. But, buying sustainable products also made in the US means supporting a company working towards bettering the environment you will experience first hand. Yes, we work to repair the degraded rainforests of South America and counteract the climate change that is destroying Arctic glaciers, but buying from green US companies is especially beneficial in a way you will be able to see. As far as measuring your own personal impact on saving the environment, there is no better way than supporting companies close to home.