serve up stylish springtime sustainability…

Spring is here, time to dust off the patio furniture and get ready for warmer, sunnier weather! It’s a perfect time for parties as well—from the first day of spring to Easter and Mother’s Day and more, there’s always a reason to celebrate.

For a fresh new look, embrace natural woods to bring the warmth and beauty of nature to your table. Wood serving pieces have come a long way from what you may remember from the past. Today’s pieces are sustainably harvested, protecting both the planet and the people. The heavy finishes of yesterday have been replaced with easy-care, nontoxic surfaces and oil-rubbed finishes. Continue reading

the gateway to your home…
making your entryway work

Your entry is the gateway to your home. Sure, the front door made the first impression, but the entry is where it’s cemented. The entry sets the tone, creates the atmosphere, and quickly tells guests what to expect inside the rest of your home. Want yours to say “welcome”?

  • Keep it casual
    Create an informal space that makes it easy for guests to come in—give them a place to hang a hat or sweater, or a spot to sit to take off shoes.
  • Keep it simple
    Your entry doesn’t need to be fussy, or overly engineered. A few simple accents keep it looking pretty, but uncluttered.
  • Keep it defined
    If you don’t have a defined entry and the space is open to a large room, use bookcases, plants, screens, or even area rugs to visually define the entry space.
  • Keep it interesting
    Your entry is the perfect space to go bold with color. Take colors from the rest of your home and bump them up to their boldest, brightest hues to make your entry pop.
  • Keep it practical
    Create a landing space at the entry you use every day. You and your guests will appreciate things like a charging station and places to easily stash keys and other things.
  • Keep it smart
    Invest in good lighting for your entry, and hang a mirror near the door—necessary for the last-minute check before you walk out, or to smooth hair after coming in out of the wind.
  • Keep it pretty
    Add something pretty just for looks—it can be fresh flowers in a nice vase, a collection of favorite pottery pieces, or a petite vignette on your entry table.
  • Keep it tidy
    Welcome mats aren’t just for outside the front door. A welcome mat, or small area rug inside your front door helps trap dust and dirt so it’s not tracked into your home.

the pet proof home…

pet proof

If you’ve got a pet, you understand the joys of pet ownership also come with some responsibilities. Especially if that pet is young and still curious enough to get into everything and escape through the smallest spaces. We all know to be on the lookout for toxic foods and plants, and select quality, nontoxic pet toys, but what else is there to think about? The good news is, there’s no need to worry, it’s easy to pet proof your home, it just takes a little thought from a pet’s eye perspective.  Continue reading

the perfect housewarming…
eco-friendly gifts for everyone

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Ah, a housewarming party! They’re so much fun. Whether it’s friends who’ve left the city behind and embraced rural living, your college roomie just got their first place, friends who are expecting are moving to bigger digs, or family downsizing because they’re kids have all grown. The big question is always, “what should I give them?”

Sometimes the answer is easy. The college student who’s moving into their first place needs pretty much everything. For everyone else, it can be a little more complex. But we’ve got some ideas that are sure to please anyone, no matter what the reason for the housewarming party!

Do they have an outdoor space?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny patio, or a big back yard, people with outdoor spaces love to use them. Put a smile on their faces with a hummingbird feeder handblown from recycled glass, or give them the gift of a pest free outdoors with an all-natural handblown glass wasp trap. Keep things green with an easy-to-grow organic herb garden.

Do they love to cook?

If your friend loves their kitchen, opt for things any cook is sure to love. Organic olive oil straight from Italy in four luscious flavors is a guaranteed hit. Even the smallest kitchen will benefit from the gorgeous grains of a classic, FSC-certified teak cutting board. Is it time for tea? There’s no such thing as too many tea towels, and all natural linen tea towels are a stunning, and sustainable choice.

Admit, they have everything… what now?

Even someone who is downsizing can use a little something special. For someone who already has everything they need, little things are the way to go. Perfect for the guest bath, or even the kitchen sink, natural olive oil soaps with organic herbs make an ideal gift. Light up their life with a sustainable soy wax candle in a reclaimed wine bottle jar. Like tea towels, you can never have too many reusable bags, these handy totes are made from repurposed rice bags, sewn by female artisans in Cambodia, and they’re fair trade!

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refresh your patio for spring…

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start enjoying some outdoor living! Once the weather warms up, there’s nothing finer than a Sunday brunch on the patio. Or maybe you’re more of the evening beers and grilled pizza variety. No matter what you preferences, it’s time to shake off winter’s chill and get some fresh air! But first things first, whether you’ve got a small balcony, a compact patio, or an expansive deck or yard, a little prep work is in order before you can start using it. Continue reading