New Year’s REsolutions

REclaim. REpurpose. REcycle.

The prefix “re” signifies new beginnings, and it is one of the most common in the English language. As 2014 draws to a close, bambeco® looks to the future.

“This year, we’re making a simple call to action,” Susan Aplin, bambeco® CEO states. “REsolve to do something to change the world for generations to come. Bambeco® believes that everyone has the opportunity to start something REmarkable.”

“We live on a planet that sustains us, and we need to ensure we are protecting our planet for future generations,” Aplin continues. “Preserving our land, combating climate change, protecting our clean water and waterways, these are bambeco’s core causes. And we’re encouraging everyone to make a REsolution to make a change for the positive this year.”

Aplin points out that choosing sustainable products is an easy change to make. REclaimed wood means fewer trees being cut down, less manufacturing waste, and that means cleaner air and water. REcycled glass and metal use fewer natural resources than their all-new counterparts, and the manufacturing process uses less energy, less water, and produces less waste. REpurposing doesn’t just give new life to old things; it also significantly reduces materials bound for the landfills, protecting both our land, and our waterways. By choosing sustainability, you’re combating climate change and making a positive impact on our planet’s future.

Make a REsolution to start something REmarkable. What will you REclaim? How will you REpurpose? What can you REcycle?

Join bambeco® today in changing the world for tomorrow… one room at a time.