The Healthy Gathering: Courtesy of Baltimore’s Best

Our Healthy Gathering

It’s been said that if the home is the body, the table is the heart. It’s where family and friends gather to celebrate life, love…and food.

We believe what you put your food on is as important as what your food is. Take the Bambeco Healthy Table Collection, for example. It’s made of sustainably sourced materials that celebrate the joy of coming together and the vitality of the planet. The perfect place setting for your locally sourced and organic meal.

We’ve partnered with Executive Chef Chris Amendola at seed-to-plate restaurant, Waterfront Kitchen, to create a healthy feast for our latest catalog. Located near our home office on the Baltimore harbor, their ingredients are sourced as locally and seasonally as possible. Much is even grown a few blocks from the restaurant, with the assistance of inner-city children through their participation in the Living Classrooms’ BUGS (Baltimore Urban Gardening with Students) program.

Chef working in kitchen.

Chef Amendola, an experienced farmer, knows the value of mission-driven dining. “I like to let the product speak for itself,” says Amendola. “I believe in utilizing hyperseasonal ingredients, allowing the natural flavors to complement one another.” His modern style of cooking gives Waterfront Kitchen diners a unique culinary experience. He and his excellent staff were generous enough to provide a feast for our photo shoot and for our Bambeco “models” (home office employees).

Bambeco employees enjoying the meal.

Additionally, all of the microgreens featured in our shoot were generously provided by City-Hydro. Also located in Fells Point, City-Hydro provides local restaurants, small local grocery stores, and farmers markets with 100% organic and pesticide free microgreens, exotic herbs, and edible flowers.

Additionally, all of the microgreens featured in our shoot were generously provided by City-Hydro

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