Preserving History, One Bed At A Time

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Waste is not a part of Bambeco’s vocabulary. You can see this in all the reclaimed, repurposed, upcycled, and vintage items we offer. But waste doesn’t only refer to materials and we also hate to see a story go to waste, which is why we choose to use the wood we use for our Reclaimed Wood Beds.


The wood in our beds comes from one of two sources, each with an incredible background and history. The first source of wood we discovered was an upstate New York barn. Built in the 1830s by Dutch farmers, it featured an amazing canted roof with 40-foot, hand-hewn beams. It sat on the property of an artists’ retreat called Aunt Karen’s Farm and unfortunately, 200 years of New York weather had started to impact the integrity of the foundation. Rather than see it destroyed, the owners of Aunt Karen’s Farm contacted our bed maker and offered up the beautifully aged wood for their use. By deconstructing the barn and salvaging the beech, fir, pine, and hemlock wood, they are able to keep the history of the barn and its previous inhabitants alive. You get to marvel at each knick and knot, nail hole and gouge, and ponder how they got there and what stories this wood could tell.

The second source of wood is a family farmhouse in Greenville, Michigan that was built in 1903 by the Greene family and inhabited by only one additional family in its history. Now a farm, the owner needed the land to plant additional crops and rather than see a family’s legacy demolished, they offered the material to our craftsmen. The fir, pine, maple, oak, and hemlock can now be found in our reclaimed wood beds, carrying on the legacy of the Greene family and allowing your stories to join theirs in the topography of each beam.


Sometimes it is easy to forget the memories that are attached to a place or a structure. They can be extremely personal but are also similar to those we all have about a special place that played a significant role in our past. By incorporating the wood that made up these places into a brand-new piece and giving it a new lease on life, we hope to not only protect the environment but also honor the history of these places. As you enjoy our reclaimed wood beds, or any of our reclaimed or vintage pieces, your experiences and memories become a new part of the history, hopefully destined to live on and be remembered and respected in the future, wherever that material may end up.

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